Carlsen Takes A Flamethrower To ‘The Principles Of Chess’

Magnus Carlsen Takes A Flamethrower To ‘The Principles Of Chess’ in this epic chess game against Pranav Anand, a young Indian chess prodigy. Magnus Carlsen played this chess game in the 2nd January 2024 Titled Tuesday Chess Tournament. Carlsen as usual playing a very weird chess opening and an epic chess battle then ensues. Truly stunning chess from Magnus Carlsen and a great fight from Anand.

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  1. This is called the walrus or the long banana

  2. Call the Opening „Carlsen‘s bathtub“.😊

  3. And I would call it the 7-10 split opening…😂😂😂😂

  4. I have a legit question for you because you clearly know lots about the game. Could he do these moves in regular chess or just blitz? It seems that the time factor is part of the thing although he DEFINITELY has figured out how to use that to his advantage. I've seen coverage on some of his regular games and he does more regular openings but again what I know is limited. So could he use this to wreak havoc in long form chess ? Don't know if that's the correct term.

    You may have covered this or others may have I just don't know

  5. Ask yourself this question

    "Could a super-GM (2700+) beat a normal person by random bad moves in the 5 first moves?"


    But magnus is doing this TO super GM's Thats a level of good thats just completely insane.

  6. Magnus is singlehandedly rewriting chess theory 😅

  7. I played St. George Defense all through high school. It catches people off guard so much.

  8. haha, Magnus starts with a banana, the SiliconOverlord keeps on shaking but Magnus knows, eliminate in the middle game because he has the endgame in his pocket like always. I really enjoyed this one, thanks Epic for your great commentary

    the scythe opening

  9. I am pretty sure the opening is know as"the scandinavian smile"

  10. "Nothing new under the sun" so has been said. Anyone remember Karpov-Miles 1. e4 a6 (0-1) from years ago??

  11. The pawn chain is a cheeky grin from Magnus’ perspective!

  12. Ha-ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is, “Never enter an equal endgame with Magus Carlsen."

  13. Isn’t this called the ‘Creepy crawly’ ??

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