Carlsen Takes A Flamethrower To ‘The Principles Of Chess’

Magnus Carlsen Takes A Flamethrower To ‘The Principles Of Chess’ in this epic chess game against Pranav Anand, a young Indian chess prodigy. Magnus Carlsen played this chess game in the 2nd January 2024 Titled Tuesday Chess Tournament. Carlsen as usual playing a very weird chess opening and an epic chess battle then ensues. Truly stunning chess from Magnus Carlsen and a great fight from Anand.

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  1. Are you going to mention that the same opening was played yesterday against Kramnik?

  2. Does he just do these strange openings to create challenges for himself because bored?

  3. I appreciate your unwavering acknowledgement of your viewers.

  4. New rule, My rule.
    He know he can beat anyone on end game, because all GMs where heavily relies on theory, That's what separate him among others.

  5. The play with the outside pawns should be called the Magnus. He is redefining chess openings and it's absolutely brilliant.

  6. names for the opening – long frown? long scowl?

  7. The difference is that Magnus is the best Chess player in the world & all the new & upcoming GMs are Computer/Robot Chess GMs. They only understand Book moves & theory. They don’t actually know how to play the same game that Magnus does. He’s literally playing his own game against these GMs. They’re amazing at recall, but lost when it comes to actually playing raw Chess with the Champ.

  8. Been saying it for years but after these last months I KNOW it is really true: Magnus is two parts chess genius, one part Internet troll, stirred and served with a chessboard.

  9. "Bunny Ears" 🐇?? Minuette Magnus !?
    🌟The Hedgehog. 🌟Hippopotamus.
    Crab Magnus. Basman's Minuette.
    The St. George. 💎 🔥🔥🔥 🐉

  10. My vote: call it the prank (peripheral rank) opening.

  11. I really admire Carlsen for getting out of every rational players comfort zone by playing these openings.

  12. Stockfish legit played that opening against me last night, I was a little confused but I guess stockfish studied this game!😂

  13. That's got to hurt going to the game review after.

  14. Let's remember these are blitz games. Moves that work here may not work, may well be refuted in conventional games. I find all this entertaining, but it proves little.

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