Can 3 Magnus Carlsens Beat Stockfish?


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  1. Stockfish rules until alphazero is asleep

  2. Stockfish: now I'm become chess, the destroyer of magni

  3. Levy never fails to make chess exciting and entertaining.

  4. The comments never fail to put "Levy never fails" in their comment. (and neither do I)

  5. Levy never fails to read the teenage joke comments

  6. I love the Chess engine videos! I've been writing my own in Rust and it's been a blast (although it's still only about 2000 on Lichess right now)

  7. Levy fails to make the fish lose in his Magni

  8. I found H5, im worried about my potential cyborgism.

  9. I'm always amazed at how Stockfish finds these intense winning lines against any opponent, AI or human! The ending of the second game was a testament to its remarkable strategy.

  10. Is there a way to program a chess engine to make the worst possible move? And if it played itself what would it look like?
    Edit: nevermind I found the video

  11. I really like the AI videos!!!! Keep up the good work!

  12. Hey Gotham, I just played a game that I felt was an amazing game and you might like it. Is there any way I can share my Lichess game with you? Love your vids, Sir

  13. You should do a video about The Magni vs Mittens!

  14. 1:30 my man needs to learn how to right click -> inspect -> edit the html lol

  15. Hey Levy could you bring back guess the elo?

  16. Yes please keep uploading AI videos Levy.

  17. Welcome back to GothamMagnus, we occasionally do chess 😅

  18. I think 16:26 is just brain fart and 16:37 can be called lexical fatigue, so indeed, they are not the same phenomenon. And I never notice that the latter one can happen in a phonemic orthography like English. I thought such effect only happens in logographic ones like Chinese, where you stare at a character and it looks more and more out of the "correct" shape.🤓

  19. Yes please, more AI content,favorite thing on the internet right now

  20. Three Magnus play like stockfish interesting

  21. Imagine being a youtuber and all people comment for like a month straight is “Levy never fails to etc”

  22. did anybody notice that levy's beard is no symmetrical ?🤔🤔

  23. would love to meet you one day Levi. congratulations on having me and 4.5 million other people as subscribers

  24. Stockfish pulls a Hikaru and rescues a win from a drawn position.

  25. Levy, my friend. One does not say “put pp on the pp.” as the first p already stands for put. You simply say, “I played this move to pp on the pp”. Otherwise you are saying “ I put put pressure on the pinned piece.”

  26. Started playing chess in November made it to 1050 and loss 100 rating points in the last two weeks seems like I’m in a rut- love all these vids but it seems when I start to learn openings and try to practice them in rating games I’m just getting clobbered. When I random play I seem to win, anyone remember when they were stuck at 1000?

  27. Here is some feedback! I love watching AI games and particularly games where you play against AI. I feel like I somehow learn the most from those, and they are the most fun. Any game with a bot or you playing I will watch, anything else depends on my mood.

  28. Insane. Crazy. Absolutely Staggering 😮

  29. I love how stockfish used the white pawns to its own advantage (2nd game)

  30. So we can conclude that rating of magni isn't impossible, it's just 3 players of rating 2882 , and we can't add elo like 2882+2882+2882 in chess .

  31. To answer your question from the beginning of the video, I don't usually like chess bot vs chess bot videos, but this one was interesting to me. I don't know why I think that, though.

  32. Levy never Magnus to include chess in his fails

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