Carlsen’s Chess Is Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before

Magnus Carlsen’s Chess Is Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before. This is his chess game against Jeffrey Xiong in the Titled Tuesday Chess tournament, 5th December 2023, Late. Carlsen’s truly playing the most exciting chess on the planet right now!

Game (accidentally deleted my analysis):

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  1. wow amazing game ! Thanks for the explanations i got only 20% of it, but that was enough to make it worthwile. It's incredible how Magnus is able to change the odd bar to put him on top.

  2. Very engaging and beginner-friendly commentary!

  3. ok not a regular chess player but at 2:42, Magnus move Knight to A5. Why doesn't the white player move the Queen to E7 for checkmate…what am I missing?

  4. it's an honour watching such an incredible gameplay. Nice commentary. I'm not a native English speaker and hence now and then I'd appreciate an slower pace.

  5. Magnus, history wii judge him as the best for sure. 👍👍

  6. Take a look at Morphy's games, and you'll see plenty of "like nothing we've ever seen" games. So no, nothing new really.

  7. not really powerful when he had his chance! he had to listen more to engines after match

  8. Carlsen, Carlsen, is give 1 Million other Chess Players too….

  9. Now this here is what I call a good chess commentary 🥳…… wit and straight to the point.

  10. Don't computer chess programs play risky moves ?

  11. Denzel is very calculated…the support is deal!

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