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  1. "Sit at the chessboard and play with yourself"

    —Magnus Carlsen

  2. Now I just feel dead inside
    But that’s because I’m a chess player

  3. Levy is so kind, he always showcases these unknown players to us

  4. Paxlovid. Significantly reducing symptom duration. Aside from some resp symptoms, fatigue is your biggest adversary with "todays" COVID

  5. Im so used to the welcome killer stare at the beginning of every Gotham yt video that i’m starting not to notice it anymore

  6. he is getting the revenge of the last tournament

  7. Interesting that he didnt need to farm rating…. playing 3000+

  8. Kramnik: " Magnus playing with dog by his side… interesting…"

  9. Another statement coming from kramnik soon 😂😂😂😂

  10. Me waiting for someone to "accuse" magnus for cheating

  11. Sounds like a statistical anomaly. @kramnik can you run the numbers please?

  12. Magnus getting the new blitz world record
    Kramnik: Interesting

  13. Thank you for recapping and making this all entertaining as hell 👌🏼

  14. Levy never fails to glorify and simp over magnus (and his dog)

  15. When is Kramnik going to accuse Magnus of cheating?

  16. For me Magnus is the best chess champion in newer times.

  17. magnus dog could even be 1400 elo just by sitting there

  18. Usually he drink lots of 🍺 , listen to high volym rap, talk/joke with his gang and explains the moves while smashing titel players. In true Mozart style!

    Arian is a realy good player and he toys with him!

  19. I feel you man. Getting covid is not even cool anymore.

  20. I don't know if you've been told this before, but you kinda sound like the green bird from don't hug me I'm scared

  21. Don’t disparage Hikaru—he’s streaming & interacting with chat while he plays.

  22. Can we all appreciate how levy always includes some chess in his videos?

  23. Man levy, New York gave you such a great birthday present.

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