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  1. Magnus did all this on an iPhone? Interesting…

  2. And today he went upto 3348 at one point

  3. Fauci Gambit isn't coming with compensation, Levy? What a shame.

  4. Btw Levy if you see this, in the game against Danya he played top level theory until a certain point

  5. Levy never fails to surprise us by a magnus video

  6. Magnus is a beast but also… EVERYONE is sick right now. Like literally everyone I know has been sick in the last 2-4 weeks.

    Are we in some massive wave of COVID they just arn't talking about or what?! I know it's flu season but like… I've never seen it this bad.

  7. Levy, do you know the story of a shepherd that yelled "Wolf! Wolf!". No one believes you anymore. Actually less and less people. But whatever. Vert good time for unsubscribe!

  8. happy late birthday! my birthday is dec 5th as well 🙂 I was so happy when I found out we shared the same birthday, since the only other "celebrity" with a birthday on dec 5th is Walt Disney.

  9. This is the 27th time Magnus has made history on this channel.

  10. Vegas definitely takes the crown for best 3-5 day city then it’s the worst place in the world

  11. levy looks like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking bad, what yall think?

  12. Get well soon levy
    We are praying for you 😊

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