Carlsen’s GOAT Move Leaves Chess Pundits Astounded

Chess Pundits Left Revelling In Carlsen’s GOAT Move in the Speed Chess Championship Final 2023, played on Epic chess from Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura and always a pleasure to watch these two greats doing chess battle!

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  1. Missing Kc2 is the story. I know it's bullet but seriously!

  2. But h6 was pretty obvious. (Not only is it the winning move, but other moves obv don't get you better than a draw)

    Sorry, no falling for this hype

  3. Astounding that Magnus misses Kc2, that a 1400 player would see immediately so his d-pawn's set to queen. Okay it's bullet, but what a putz

  4. The amount of advertising time before your video dissuades me from supporting your channel.

    I don't purchase any of the advertised goods; the advertising is an inconvenience and an imposed aggravation.

  5. Started playing chess a few months ago and I found H6 instantly. Clearly the hyperbole is your explanation and not the move itself, it was rather obvious even for a chess noob like me.

  6. Goat mone, lol! Whay a stupid , fanboy , click-bait title.

  7. Keep an eye on this Magnus guy, he'll be going places in Chess. Trust me.

  8. I didn't see how it was winning, but it seemed quite obvious to me that by not playing h6 I would be losing. It seems to me that the greatness lies not in finding h6 (what those commentators were thinking, I can't imagine… I'm definitely not great, and judging from the comments, lots of others found this, too) but in the ability to follow up with a series of moves that eventually forced Hikaru into submission.

  9. I'm glad to see Carlsen is still playing the exact same moves I would play.. he's gonna be famous one day if he keeps it up

  10. This seems like a great example of the war strategy "create dilemma not problems" problems have solutions dilemma's have no great solution and drag the problem on. Another way to say this is "to take is a mistake" instead of pouncing on the weaknesses he exposes he delays taking advantage of them until he absolutely has to which keeps the dilemma in Hikarus head

  11. You’re the most disgusting chess commentator on YouTube. You f— slow down your videos by about 20% so that people are stuck on them for longer. You are literally making people’s lives unnecessarily shorter just so that you churn out a little more money of these videos. Absolutely f— disgusting.

    Folks, set the video to 1.25x and you will see the actual speech speed of this dude.

  12. Like or Dislike: Like. Will we get a recap of Hans Niemann's win today in #Djerba?

  13. So true, Nakamura not finding Be3 the first time was a fatal flaw that put him on the defensive for several moves, not able assert himself.

  14. You pathetic arse cheats moved my piece for the very last time

  15. I love your bong in the background, useful for certain openings

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