HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Dude I am more impressed by the one making thumbnails!

  2. This is the only chess that matters, this is the future!!

  3. food poisoning is the absolute worst, my condolences lol

  4. Levy never fails to not fail

  5. Be careful, Magnus. Garry is lurking behind you😂

  6. If Magnus ever dies, Levy gonna follow it up quickly with a suicide, because he knows he's gonna run out of content and get bankrupt.

  7. props to levy for being so relaxed while being kidnapped

  8. It is laughable that after tournament Magnus wins, Levy always feels the need to insert Hikaru's name. If Hikaru wasn't American no one would care. It's almost as bad as Fischer. At least Fischer actually was the best in the world, albeit for only 2 years. Hikaru has never been world champion or best in the world but still Levy will always find time to bag lick.

  9. I love the detail levi puts on his thumbnails cuz if u watch closely magnus's shadows is a goat 🙂


  11. Get well asap. Chess cures everything 🙂

  12. Haha, best thing i've heard all day… The tournament is invitational… Wonder now many lifetimes before we ever see Hans Whineman 🙂

  13. Ding has an overreliance on both opening theory and tactical patterns from regular chess games that he is brutally left behind in Fischer Random…

  14. I’m convinced that fascinating is the only word Levi knows

  15. Levy's the real G.O.A.T. for uploading thru food poisoning. Get well soon!

  16. Hello,
    First of all get well soon and i love your stuff usually not commenting that much, just enjoying the show. Because u mentioned how the engine changes evaluation so much after a move, i was wondering how different engines would compete or which engine is the best at fisher random, is stockfish still king of the ring, are there more wins for black, what are the strategies of torch and leela, maybe worth a video? Still i am more a fan of historical content than engine stuff, but still im fascinated by the format and the role of engines within it. Peace and keep up the content 🙂

  17. I've never seen levy so low energy. Feel better dude

  18. lol, absolutely loved the “deez knights” joke😂

  19. The second day of involuntary confinement is always the hardest.

  20. The shadow in the thumbnail makes it look like gotham is implying Magnus is a demon

  21. Does the nine hundred and sixty possible starting positions in Fischer random include the "standard" starting position? Or is that one just not allowed?

  22. Levon has been my favourite player in this by far, his play style is so entertaining.

  23. havent finished the video but if Magnus won I'm gonna be really upset you spoiled it with the title 🙁 please dont spoil the matches. love from Argentina Levy ❤

  24. I am surprised how this guy always makes repetitive and poor content and still gets views

  25. The first time I saw levy I was confused cuz I didn’t know y @joshuaweissman was playing chess instead of cooking

  26. Hey IM Levy. You are great.
    Just leaving this comment here, to see if it's really true that people will almost certainly react to a negative comment , but leave a positive one unnoticed.
    You saw my other one where I blasted you and responded instantly. Feel free to not respond and prove my point.
    Plus for the algorithm. Cheers.

  27. I hope you doing alright Levy much love from Japan ◐ω◑

  28. It's not okay he got kidnapped and we are making fun of him 🙁

  29. Charlotte is a shit hole! Sorry they got you buddy. Try Raleigh next time.

  30. Tip of the cap to Levy for pushing through for the people.

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