CHECKMATE in 4 for white #puzzles #chesspuzzles #chess

#puzzles #chesspuzzles #chess


  1. There's another check mate in 4:
    If Kg5 then Qf5-Kh6 only move then Qh5 mate.
    If Kg6 then Qf5 – Kf7 . Ra7 – Kimg to the 8th line then Qc8 mate!!
    Hope you enjoy 😌

  2. Rook takes f6 pawn takes f6 queen takes f6 checkmate

  3. What about Qf5?Qf5 Kh6 Rxf6 gxf Qxf6 Kh5 g4#Qf5 g5 Qh7#

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