Hans Niemann Wins With 200% Accuracy


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  1. Levi, I think Niemann has implants which can avoid detection from conventional and even modern tech. Boom. Done.

  2. Hans niemann most talked about…
    He forgot about the giga cheater Hikaru himself😂

  3. If you keep making clickbait titles I’ll make more accounts to subscribe and then unsubscribe them all

  4. damn it stop putting Levi on to things who told him about Luffy

  5. I like Hans Niemans games. Show more, please.

  6. 14:46 I thought Nc4 looked great? I’m awful though. I thought dxc4, Qxd7?
    14:50 You’re gonna play Nc4
    Playing with my head man haha

  7. anyone else who cannot access the toronto event link?

  8. Bro just said: magnus aint performing good, cant put him in the title, nahh imma take hans then

  9. "Ladies and Gentlemen"? What if we're non-binary?

  10. From where he got the extra 100 accuracy

  11. Im in toronto right now for work but leave on the 1st. I've never been more heartbroken. My book. It will never be signed from my small town. Much much love from prairie canada, levy!!

  12. I never questioned or rather believed that he "Nieman" had performed any wrongdoing. Yesterday saw that impressive win(also bad play. by that opponent). So glad he sued and defended himself. He seems to be on the right path!

  13. There are no Hans fans out there 😂

  14. Impresive, Hans is playing like a machine 😀

  15. Hans plays 1. e4 in serious games makes me feel good about ditching the Jobava and returning his course!

  16. This comment will not be pinned

    Ps : Levy, I heard that if you pin this comment, duo won’t hunt you down anymore

  17. I am rooting for Hans, not because I respect him or like him, but because a good comeback story is good entertainment.

  18. isnt it a little unfair hans had a +0.2 advantage before the first move? 🤔 smells fishy 👃🎣

  19. i was watching hans on twitch a while back and his opponent made a move and hans made this response: "How is that winning?" like, he had the bar on the left side open and was using that to gauge who was winning. i don't even think he realized what he said. i picked up on it right away and thought it was a strange comment, indeed. but, once a cheater always a cheater.

    i don't play chess so maybe i don't know what i am talking about. regardless, i thought the comment was very sus.

  20. A real statistician would know how percentages work

  21. Hans’ games “buzzzz buzz buzz” with excitement 😉😉😉

  22. Gotham in a nutshell, “so you don’t want to do g5 because . 5 minutes later. THEN you move the queen and that’s checkmate!”

  23. If a guy scores 6.5/7 games against Grand Masters… shouldn't he be in a higher tier, like GGM? Or SGM? Like I know he's not so far ahead of other GMs, but how many of those guys will ever pull off a score card like that in their careers? Probably just the top few.

  24. You know the thing about cheating – when someone is caught, it's likely not the first time. It's usually when someone, emboldened by the success of earlier cheating attempts, gets cocky and slips up. The fact that Hans was caught more than once, years apart, is indicative of a long-term pattern.

    This makes it difficult for an objective thinker to see an extraordinary performance by Hans without significant suspicions.

  25. day 2 of levy being held hostage by the duolingo bird someone save him

  26. with so much commenting on move 4, we could've got another game in

  27. This clickbait is actually funny af lol

  28. Yes: that was a nice game; thank you for sharing it with us.

  29. Can we all agree that a google implant can do just as much for a cheater, if not more, than beads?

  30. i legit think this guy internalised the engine so now he’s playing like one or he’s an illusionist

  31. Gotham apologising for 100% Hans Neimann Video. Also Gotham:

  32. demaciado sexo el doparti este sape

  33. Will the chess police ever catch this international chess criminal once and for all 🥹

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