Hans Niemann Wins With 200% Accuracy


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  1. If anyone is wondering how 200% accuracy works, all the moves he played was premoved….

  2. good chess is actually so fun to watch, even more enjoyable if you even just somewhat understand the moves.. i assume this, and of course the playing of the game, is what keeps gms addicted

  3. Truly a vibrating performance from Hanns

  4. Levy: Hans Niemann wins with 100% accuracy
    Hans: I don't like what you're insinuating
    Levy: doubles down

  5. Never seen a human play like this 💯

  6. I like how Hans had a total of 200% accuracy cumulated after 7 rounds. 😄

  7. the pirate from the anime 💀What about Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Carribean

  8. As easy as Hans is to piss off with the cheating reference Levy can ride him for content for years

  9. hans is level above magnus " the crybaby" carlsen

  10. Aaaaaahhhhhh
    Finally something other than Magnus or Hikaru

  11. Hans is the man. I say yes to more Hans Niemann games the bad boy of chess.

  12. As an Expert with ELO 800 i can confirm this is either cheating or witchcraft.

  13. So the player with higher elo beat the player with lower elo? Interesting… seems like cheating 🤔

  14. dude this might be my fave game of all time so far. the way you explained it, the way hans used all his pieces and brought out their full positional potential. zelcic was good but dam it was entertaining to watch him get surgically defeated

  15. Bruh why arent you recapping the sinquefield cup?

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