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  1. Hans is just parroting the words his lawyers are messaging him thru the but plug.

  2. You are not a villan Levy, You are an Anti-Hero

  3. @GothamChess I wanna see you grow a full beard buddy

  4. Yeah we need a cheater to promote this game .Not the young players who are doing lots of hard works day in day out . Imagine a situation where player will win world championship through cheating and on other hand one player who worked hard has got nothing . This is insane. You are officially destroying the game just to get views and more money that's what your approach is .

  5. Why r u clickbaiting , saying scandal is back
    It's done and dusted

  6. Nothing says a court battle win better than a heavily lawyered up video, where he vaguely states it’s “settled”.

  7. In SC2 they banned Life forever for one matchmaking game. And Life wasn't a no name. He was the most popular player at the time. And it was a good signal to each and everyone player at the field.
    So, you cheated once – you're banned for life. This is how it should work.

  8. Please, don't put at risk your credibility and fantastic reputation.Your video's first screen is a crap.

  9. Why is Levy’s book not in Australia. I was planning on buying it but I can’t. My day is ruined.

  10. I believe that anyone who cheats in a serious tournament (price money, asl) should be banned from serious tournaments for lifetime. Not matter the age, be it 12 or 120 years old.

  11. If your online rating is a valid consideration for table play, then online cheating deserves over the table bans…..

  12. Banning some one only end one account

  13. Set up Magnus v Hans right now… in an octagon

  14. When chess speaks, people should listen

  15. Guys, i officially know that the Youtube subtitles are cheering for Magnus. 9:43 "Hans demon"

  16. I just wanted your book in Liverpool but I didn't get it😭

  17. The real villain of chess is the engine that tells you your whole game sucked after you broke your highest elo record😂

  18. Levy is only a villain to the 'pretentious GMs,' not to the wider online community

  19. Canal – C huh? My 9 year old solved this puzzle like a boss

  20. bruh said "get out of here" thats messed up man, much love thanks for the content lol

  21. Hey levy I know prob had a lot of encounters during us open, but the one that ran down to you during djokovics match was me such a pleasure to meet you inperson hope you keep up the good work!!

  22. Me personally I don't like Hans as a player.

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