I Played The Oldest Form Of Chess

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Game 1 – 0:17
Game 2 – 6:12

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  1. Chessnuke:can it castle?
    Me:where’s en passant? Maybe an en passant ladder?
    (Meanwhile my opponent on ancient chess en passant laddering me at ancient chess and taking my spiky guy, the cannon rook, bishop, knight, elephant, a literal man and weird spoon at the same diagonal)
    Also me: en passant means pass in, but I pass out

  2. “I think we’re doing good here boys” famous last words

  3. my brain is hurting while watching this video cuz of crazy moves that i never seen before

  4. personally i love chaturanga chess , you pronounced it right btw. I just don't like how the queen moves in that form of chess but everything other is cool

  5. you are correct about the russian biHoop because my coach has some russian students and when he talks to them i can understand everything bcuz i study russian in school so theyre bishop is слон – слона. Like in many balkan country as mine and as yours слон means an Elephant and there was an reason behind this name of the bishop , and my coach did tell me the story but i forgorr it . Tommorow i am gonna ask him about the story again and im gonna tell you.:)

  6. Everyone: Yeah these are cool variants
    Nuke: BUT CAN YOU CASTLE????

  7. 0:30 In Russian chess "Bishop" translates like "Slon" (Elephant in english). Is that somehow connected with first versions of chess?

  8. You’re right, in Russia we usually call knights “horses”, bishops “elephants” and rook is rook. I’m mostly playing chess online and speak in English during games though.

  9. Nice, but why didn't you check the piece movements and other rules before playing?

  10. i was like 5 minutes early only to realize my only comment that showed i was early didnt send rip, good video tho

  11. you should play chaturaji
    its ancient indian 4 player chess
    its my favorite variant

  12. Your videos are so fun to watch!!! Upload more content like this🎉

  13. I actually learnt chess from playing Chinese chess

  14. Chess is 2400+ years old found in india 400BC

  15. They really did the Queen dirty XD
    The Man wasn't a bad idea though, it's not a very valuable piece so people don't trade for it but it still guards the King and his surrounding pretty well
    Guess they invented the Queen like it is now to be doing this job while being also an offensive weapon

  16. I saw beetles, elephants, lighthouse in the board.

  17. Could you imagine if there was a world championship for variants

  18. dam my guy is an ancient chess GM hikaru is now afraid of you

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