Chess Grandmasters Missing Checkmate-In-1

Look, we’re all human here, and sometimes, even the best miss a mate-in-1. We’ve compiled all of them to make you feel a little bit better about your games.

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  1. 3:01 love how both commentators said "his time is over" at the same time!

  2. Well finally I got something in common with Magnus!

  3. Great vid! To be fair, i dont think levon blundered that. He was lost and just decided to end the game that way

  4. Ivanchuk missing Qxh1 was a simple ladder mate in 1😂lovely to see the champions blunder ig🤭

  5. Chucky missing mate in one is still top 1. It was OTB, no mouseslips, no internet connection fails, plenty of time, he stared the board 29 seconds and missed the mate in one. But kudos to Anand, he did not resign when Ivanchuk had mate in 3
    29.Nd2 Rxd2+ 30.Qe2 Rxe2+ 31.Kf1 Qg2#
    He gambled and made it mate in one position, tried to keep poker face as well. If he played delaying moves 29. Nd2 and 30 .Qe2, surely Chucky just would have took knight and queen and mated. But now he had one in millions chance that GM is not going to see mate in corner. And he won the jackpot .

    And of course Kramnik missed mate in one in drawish position against computer is worth to mention too.

  6. Nice to see. The human side.
    I've watched many other players just blunder the queen too. One just moving it right in front of a pawn. I blame the clock.

  7. You should make a "Martins Kids" chess bot that is stronger than mittens, just throwing it out there

  8. I can beat this two guys in snake and ladders 😎

  9. make me a bot petition (if you like you sign) make me as trash as possible

  10. I would've took the rook and then been surprised that it was a check mate win for me. Level 500.

  11. If you ever make a mistake, maybe it's embarrassing, remember that everyone makes mistakes, that even the best chess player in the world blunders checkmate

  12. I love how Magnus Carlsen always demonstrates the best way to handle blunders, remaining calm instead of hating yourself

  13. Yall are some scumbags I deleted your shit app when you gave new players 1600 elo.. not to mention your stupid game review button.

  14. Blitz is never easy for anybody. You're forced whether to make a move or just move bcz it's your time to move

  15. I was just playing a tournament and i hanged mate in one, it was very embarrassing, this works as therapy for me right now

  16. Remember, when you make mistakes, people will post clips.

  17. Ivanchuk literally could’ve threw an extra check in before the checkmate and he missed it 😂😂😂

  18. I lost on time, with -M1 in the bag last night. It's painful, bro.

  19. Such Noobsters, can't see the checkmate in one. Sometimes even I can see a checkmate in one for my opponent, but even he misses it, such noobs

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