Human Chess In Real Life With 32 Real Humans As Pieces !! You Win Or Dié

An emotionally broken chessmaster pressed into playing a real-life game.

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  1. Are we not gonna talk about that he didn’t checkmate at the end? IF YOU CHECKMATE THAT MEAN YOU WIN Akira is dumb…

  2. it dosent mean that the program malfunctioned. It is an ILLEGAL MOVE…..

  3. nah fuck drama i wanted him to die the movie sucked

  4. Irl chess is great content but this movie was like a sh** directly after thanksgiving dinner.

  5. "you thought that was good sacrificing a rook? HOW ABOUT A KING!!!"

  6. Plot Twist, this was all fake, sorry for spoilers, his wife just wanted to make him wanna play chess…:(

  7. That 😂was the most convoluted form of therapy I have ever seen 😮

  8. And now you don’t have to watch the movie cause he spoiled the whole thing

  9. This movie is a fever dream 😂

  10. "car moving sideways"

    anyone else want a car like that?

  11. I'm pretty sure this movie is a twist on Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

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