Chess Master TROLLED Me Into Thinking He Was A Beginner

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  1. So many mistakes by both players that was like a 1500 game

  2. Goes to show that over confidence isn't always a good thing 😂😂

  3. Bro just made a blunder in real life😂

  4. The moral of the story….never underestimate your opponent.

  5. Levy learns the lesson of not playing to your opponent’s elo and instead unapologetically crushing strong players and 5 year old children alike.

  6. Why you say that he 9999?Its not possible

  7. Even if you know his ELO, You'll still lose againts him.

  8. This guy's name is darek zhang, and hes actually a fide candidate master with a rating of 2100 fide. In comparison, levy is a 2350 international master

  9. Levy is really brave playing someone much stronger than him, like this beginner for example.

  10. Levi knows well that the things he is afraid or embarrassed to say are the things that connect with us. Very entertaining!👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Wow content with an actual other human being in person!

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