Magnus Carlsen is playing in the European Team Chess Championship for Norway in Montenegro. This is a recap of his 5th round game.


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  1. Such a strange decision from Magnus to play classical tournaments with players who are rated 300+ points lower than him. Even though they are considerably weaker, its not easy for Magnus to beat 2500 rated players in a classical match. Every loss/draw he drops 5-10 points depending on the result, whereas a win only gives him 1-2 points. He will drop down below 2800 if he keeps playing these tournaments

  2. That shouting is not good for the throat.

  3. 0:46 lower rated player
    Like absolutely all other players next to magnus elo xD

  4. I swear this is one of the best intro lines I've seen ever, welcome back everyone

  5. I'm convinced the editor doesn't watch these videos 😂

  6. I asked the newest AI what the meaning of drugpain was, it said drugs addicts dont have God who has a plan to punish them unless they do something very strict, even a ban on sex, gaps nowhere to be seen, it would be good riddance to them it was saying, he's chained them, even though there are battles to save them, i respect your chess teaching, it keeps kids from wondering about whether streamers are number 1

  7. Its a privilege being welcome back again many times in different video.
    Thank you so much for this welcome, let's enjoy the lesson now!

  8. hikuaru is choke artist magnus probably makes a splooge on your big forehead all the time in real life after you are done dropping his pawls in your mouth u probably wish he would splooge everywhere on u and not just on your forehead but he choose your forehead because he says that maybe if your brain will absorb his splooge then you will no longer be idiot and it will make u better at the chess game this is because he enjoys the way u touch his pawls with the tip of your nose but u made it weird for him when he was just trying to foodge and u started to cry in his bed and told him that u loved him but he was just trying to bone , u always make it weird. he was just tryin to send ship his pawls and u got attached and told him u xloved him. U made it weird and u blunder a lot but your biggest blunder was when u cried in magnus bed after he cooomed

  9. Hi Hikaru. "Set up the board with the light square in the bottom right corner."

  10. Hikaru: Shows multiple in-depth lines and complex analysis
    Also Hikaru: If you checkmate the king you win

  11. I never felt chess stream boring when professor Hikaru is live ❤

  12. Hikaru really trying to suck in the gay community to grow his channel by doing this intro multiple times.

  13. Magnus is playing a lower rated. Great we have experts!

  14. this is the best magnus appriciation channel!

  15. Hikaru. The only human that can possibly beat Magnus.

  16. Ahhh yes. The classic “Pyramid of Giza.”

  17. it would have been funnier if the pyramid of G-iza started on the g file

  18. Saludos desde Honduras, Hikaru…Es un placer ver tus videos, espero te encuentres bien, ansioso por verte campeón mundial🔥💯

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