Chess Master vs Beginner | Explained

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This Chess Video shows a Master vs Beginner Level Chessplayer. The Game is educational and you can learn how to get better. Subscribe 🙂


  1. Please make are tutorial to scicilian defens(dragen and morra Gambit)and please make are tutorial to marschall attack

  2. >Chess Master
    >plays advanced Caro-Kann with 4.Nf3

    aight I'm out

  3. Bro could already give check mate when he sack the queen bro its Dumbo you son of a quincy you are not Grand master

  4. I played chess for 2 years and I am stuck I struggle in endgames my middles games are solid my opening is finally good

  5. 6:57 i didn't get that to move the queen how can you do that? I mean the other piece is literally there and how did it get first and how did the queen go to back ?

  6. Why are you not uploading videos now. Please upload regular weekly videos atleast

  7. I love how efficient and impact this guy gave us. It's really easy to understand compared to others like GothamChess (cuz im 700 elo)

    But hey ChessPage1, i'm only a teenager i don't have 14$ each month to join your university, what should i do?

  8. where are you chesspage – sama where have you been its been 3 months wthhh

  9. The knight is defended by the bishop which is defended by the knight which is defended by the bishop which is defended by the knight…

  10. If you were to give one chess tip what would it be

  11. Please make more video like this 🙏🙏💓

  12. Make more such content plzzxzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. 13:03 I know it as "how the turn tables" but yours also work

  14. "How the turns have tabled" – Chess Page 1

  15. 13:07 he can now castle anh time but im not even close. How the turns have tabled😂😂

  16. "How the turns have tabled", yes, how they have…

  17. 700 ELO is beginner. Man… I`m so stupid…

  18. Amazing video, made me interested in chess again 😀

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