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  1. He is fide deputy president? So he is the manager i have been cursing for mismanagement by fide? Damn i feel bad

  2. The man who single handedly made a country with no grandmasters into a chess superpower. Inspired a whole generation!

    The greatest ambassador of the game to ever exist. Absolute legend 🙏

  3. priorities : anand's 50min interview with levy >>>>>>> any web series/any movie/ measure theory exam/online gaming

  4. The hype around the first Vishy – Magnus match is what got me into following chess more closely. I immediately became a fan of both players, especially thanks to Vishy's appearance at the press conferences. Vishy and Gari will be my favourite players ever. Great interview! thanks so much Levi and Vishy

  5. There's something Vishy Anand here. And I don't 'wanathan' about it.

  6. How good was the not being ‘opposite coloured bishops’ reference about Kasparov and himself bumping into each other occasionally!

  7. "is that indoctrination, I don't know" good line

  8. With all due respect, the low volume with the accent makes it hard for us viewers to understand what they're saying. Subtitles would be appreciated.

  9. 00:01 Interview with Viswanathan Anand in Toronto
    02:14 Vishy Anand talks about his dual role as a commentator and Deputy President at the Candidates event.
    06:33 Vishy Anand shares his approach to handling emotions and pressure during competitions.
    08:24 Vishy Anand reflects on aging in chess and adapting to playing less
    12:29 Vishy Anand talks about his early success and passion for chess
    14:37 Chess has evolved with promises of change over the years.
    18:52 Chess has had a limited role in people's lives, but it's now making a comeback.
    20:39 Chess popularity increasing among new audience
    24:18 Vishy Anand's approach to handling pressure and maintaining equilibrium for optimal chess performance.
    26:11 Comparison between Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen
    30:03 Anecdotes about Gary Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen
    31:59 Vishy Anand reflects on Magnus Carlsen's rise to becoming a world champion
    36:00 Anand reflects on his emotions after losing the fifth game against Magnus Carlsen
    38:02 Anand talks about his experiences at tournaments and candidature
    42:00 Vishy Anand shared his preparation strategy and experiences in Hunty
    43:57 Vishy Anand reflects on a missed winning variation in a crucial game
    48:00 Vishy Anand's experience and thoughts on playing against computers.
    50:03 Legalized cheating in chess shock Chess Masters
    Crafted by Merlin AI.

  10. When i was teenager i knew vishy's name but never saw him till recent few years

  11. the questions were great unlike any random e4 d4

  12. So much more I would have hoped Vishy to comment on: especially his views on the young Indian guns that are in the candidates. And of course what he thinks about “mad Vlad”

  13. Damn a manly man, a champion, and quite open with his feelings about a loss.. what more can a woman ask.. he'll probably even cry with you if you feel like it, because he can feel your sorrow..

  14. I was today years old when I found out I live in the same city as Levy

  15. That was so easy to listen to, 10x 🙂

  16. Anand is synonymous to chess in India ❤

  17. An IM spends 50 minutes comparing Kasparov and Carlsen to him, making him recall his greatest loss and trying to assert computer superiority and Anand takes it all with the utter grace. Levy's arrogance is astonishing and quite infuriating, but the interview was so incisive that we got a peek at the heart of Anand.

  18. What a lovely gentleman. I was less familiar with him than most of this comment section, apparently, but listening to him was such a pleasant experience.

  19. Could have asked better questions, than a journey on how he was battered in the world championships. Rather the the ones he won. Lazy prep by Levy

  20. The only man Magnus takes very seriously .

  21. Damn bro is interviewing the entire chess world ❤❤

  22. This is the best interview anyone took of vishy

  23. its incredible how down to earth Vishy is

  24. Levy Interviewing all the chess grandmasters like collecting infinity stones.

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