Chess Memes #100 | When Bishop Takes REVENGE On Top Chess

Chess Memes #100 | When Bishop Takes REVENGE On Top Chess

Luv u guys


If you’re looking to learn how to play chess and improve your Elo rating – watch out – this video might make you lose brain cells!

We have the best chess memes compilations to give you your daily dose of chess. We’ve got chess memes, blunders, and checkmates in our chess commentary.

We love chess memes, and we make these chess videos for you whether you’re a noob, pro, casual player, or the best in your friend group. Here to make you laugh 🙂 and to mail you a free cookie when you subscribe.


  1. future: *explains to son how I became a millionaire

  2. future: *explains to son how I became a millionaire

  3. WTF making 100 episodes for doing one single episode

  4. So will the show continue or it ends at episode 100

  5. Oh boy. Who would had been thought a funny silly meme video about chess has so much deep lore inside , and I love it.

  6. One of my friends thinks knights are simps. DON'T MAKE THAT TRUE D:

  7. Just make this as a movie, it will be very nice

  8. Video 5 of asking for the wayward queen attack

  9. Episode 1: lets make simple chess videos

    Episode 100: Lets make the lore more complex than the whole game itself

  10. the king hated the rook and liked the bishop then after rook helped to checkmate the king started to like the rook and hated the bishop bc it never helped to checkmate

  11. Some guy making roblox and sticknodes stuff says:

    The hacker mask part made me cringe 😭

  12. Damn i was waiting to see a weird opening for the 100th part not this, but it was good

  13. This is the most creative chess content I’ve seen, this is so much fun! Love your videos!

  14. Seriously I Was Watching Him Since His 20th Episodes ❤

  15. What's the episode where the black queen ran with the ad bishop? Plsss tell me I didn't watch it

  16. Is this the end of the series😭😭😭

  17. How do you post this when you're already dead

  18. yay! episode 100- oh well ima just check the community tab.

  19. I've been purposely waiting for Ep.100 to sub to you. Since this is Sunday, I decided to sub after church 🙂

  20. This guy from a nomal chess meme into a lore 💀😭😭😭

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