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  1. I can't look at that mate trap without remembering the bobby bo show meme

  2. No way the made a chess opening called the black bing chilling🥶🥶

  3. YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Ooh no.. the end of the video is missing?? let me see the last couple moves!!!

  5. Me after move 3:
    "You have to know this, here is the moves it starts with"

  6. You wanna last a minute? Don’t play chess.
    – Gotham Chess

  7. Goddamnit Levy, I'm going to click on your face thumbnail every time 😅

  8. Is everything alright levy? You seem off.

  9. WithScience As My Sheperd I Sleep A Carefree Sheep says:

    @7:20 – you wanna lose 1 minute? Don't play chess… go disapoint your girlfriend in the bedroom… !!!!!
    BURN !!!!

  10. Bro coming new chess plumber bot his rating 9999 upload a video bro…!

  11. This demonstrates how deadly the queen can be to an unprepared player.

  12. Today's stare was just asking questions. brilliant 10/10

  13. This is like one of my games playing the 300elo bot. (me with black)

  14. what a shakespearean level tragedy of a chess game.

  15. The White's best move was not to resign even with -14 points.

  16. Well, this game showed the benefit of doing puzzles. White was very good at queen forks. An inspiration to us all.

  17. 99% that black played kd7 and blundered mate in 2.

  18. i love how on gm lvl people call +1 position a position that is completely lost and in 800 elo +20 doesnt mean anything

  19. Honestly for 800 elo, that opening seems very out of place.

    Black probably memorised the opening somewhere and spent a lot of time in low Elo doing early queen attacks.

    White could've defended in a few ways (like simply pushing a pawn and developing pieces) they found the bishop attack on the queen and took it, points for that at least.

    Even at my rating I struggle with queen attacks and often fall for gambits.

    The timer adds a lot of pressure to the game and I find playing games with 20-30 minutes at that rating would definitely help in learning.

    Unfortunately most people don't understand you have that option and limit themselves to rapid 10 minute sessions and blunder all over the place because they've not given themselves enough time to assess the board.

  20. He'll be back in the evening and green tea and green chilli powder and green chilli powder and green chilli powder and jaggery is in the chicken was a stack and schools in the evening ✨but chemistry 🧪is not 🚫🎉in the anime Vignesh and

  21. For a moment I thought this was the thumbnail for today's WC game (#12)

  22. Opening: black:🗿🍷 White:☠️
    Middlegame: black:😐. White:😑
    Ending: black:☠️. White:🗿🍷

    That was the game statics.

  23. I clicked into this title thinking it's recap for game 12.

  24. Please label your videos better. I clicked this thinking it was about Game 12 of the World Chess Championship.

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