Chess Players: Do THIS to Gain Elo

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  1. I watched your other video on analyzing the same day you uploaded this one. You know what your audience want. 😉

  2. my learning curve went like this (in elo):
    0 [11 years], unknown, probably 200-300[3 years], 200[a week or 2], 400[2 weeks], 300[3 weeks], 400[1/2 a week], 500 [2 weeks], 800 [ 1/2 a week], elo>750 elo<820 [3 weeks to now]

    started recording from birth

  3. My problem is that 70% of the game I lose, it's because of the stupidest blunders like giving away a queen totally for free.

  4. Really like the videos where you analyse the common mistakes. Would love to see more content like these video, really helps a lot

  5. Your English is excellent BUT you mess up "gone" and 'went" every time!

  6. Levy is so big now, he can use his own face for views and not magnus

  7. Thank you Levy for capturing the pieces 😀

  8. How to send these games to levi
    Someone kindly reply 🙏

  9. I liked how gothamsub gained elo through out the year

  10. im just trying to improve my accuracy, im stuck at an average of around 92 percent

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