How Magnus DESTROYS Pins

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  1. If i ignore a pin i will be checkmated in a few moves 550% of the time

  2. Can you do about queen and king fork, queen secured, or queen pin

  3. Damn Nelson thank you for working so hard on one topic for us which occurs a lot in our regular games

  4. thank you nelson now i wont fail to win in a boxing game as i now know dogs bark

  5. 3:24 me when I'm trying to form a damn simple phrase in English 😂

  6. Did you do the data yourself or do you have a team? These are impressive findings

  7. This is an insane amount of effort just to learn one thing

  8. Very interesting bit of information. Thank you for putting this all together.

  9. Thanks Nelson, pins happen to us more times than can be counted. This video is very valuable. Thank you

  10. Im bad at chess as an asian. Im pretty sure magnus is white so ima say he has white priviledg-
    Cancelled, Banned

  11. pretend I said something funny

  12. wow, i've never been this early to a video x.x

  13. 🎙I apologize for the poor audio quality! I'll be working on fixing this ASAP!

  14. On the 2 percent when you said “slide the queen” I just thought of “slide the queen and bate it (their gonna take it)

  15. You could've just show what computer does and what people play from lichess database, but you wouldn't be able to put "Magnus" in the video title. Disgusting.

  16. It makes sense that he ignores it most of the time. Because the piece doing the pinning can move either. Or the pin is lost. So he maneuvers around it.

  17. Nice deep dive into studying Magnus' games. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I think it's because he values development over attack or counter attack. Keeping his options open do he can focus on winning the game instead of getting dragged into a minor scuffle

  19. Nice work finding and summarizing all these games, thanks! Since all these pins happen in different scenarios, and not all of them threathen doubling the pawns, it would be nice to see how he responds to the actual threat of doubling a pawn.

  20. I love how your videos are straight to the point and you explain clearly.. most chess channels want to give too much of their input, confuse you with a lot of moves the best players dont even do for a reason, and never get to the point! Great content brother

  21. 2% of the time he moved his queen. 1:24
    3% of the time he defended with the knight. 2:34
    4% of the time he defended with the queen. 4:05
    13% of the time he blocked with the bishop. 5:38
    23% of the time he attacked with the flank pawn. 6:49
    55% of the time he ignored the pin and continued developing. 9:26

  22. All of these are pretty trivial. All positions are pretty much standard theory, Learning is basically zero from his video

  23. Bro i just added the percentages and it adds up to 77??????????

  24. 1:57 it's easy to see why Carlsen decided to move his queen here, he's already developed all the pieces, so it's time to develop the queen too and controlling a nice diagonal

  25. aparently i got a brilliant move for some reason:
    me: hmm… that queen's protecting that square so i better get my queen for Fork-Protection.
    him: * plays bishop to try to create a checkmate threat *
    me: you just got baited, i was planning things up and you tought im gonna run out of time while thinking, but i was like doing things quick, and was like THINK QUICK ABOUT THE COUNTER-FORK CHECKMATE

  26. Carlsen should really consider joining the army, he's a born General

  27. Excellent focus on the subject about "pin" on the knight! Thank you for your effort in presenting this subject . More success to your endeavors sir!

  28. Did you find any correlation between his 6 choices compared to the outcomes of those games (win/lose/draw)? Maybe 100 games doesn’t give you enough data and there are a billion other variables, but curious if that data revealed anything to you.

  29. I hate knight pins against my King or Queen, unless I'm the one doing it.

  30. I love this video. This was a lot of effort.

  31. When you say he ignores it, it looks like this only happens in specific scenarios: i.e. he sees an easy oportunity to move the piece behind the knight outmof the way in a way that helps him more

  32. You say he "ignores" it but he eventually Castles out of it, that's why his next two moves after the pin was to make room for the king to castle ASAP

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