How Magnus DESTROYS Pins

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  1. I will just say 2 words, danger levels

  2. dude, i want you to make a video on literally everything. I heart data

  3. brilliant!! that is true chess analysis. I wish I could see more like this one!

  4. Nah man. He beats the pins by having a vibrator up his ass with someone else sending him moves in morse code.

  5. I am quite your typical hater. But i cant hate on someone who does his research. well done.

  6. The stats are inaccurate given that the pins on the King or Queen weren't analyzed separately.

  7. Plot spoiler: most of the time he does what the rest of us do. Nothing to get excited about here

  8. you learn it quick. Think about it. Why open up the a2 pawn and risk not having a safe space for king when you castle. Also if you acknowledge the other players attack it gives them confidence. Its like a change in momentum in boxing. Better to ignore and frustrate your opponent. It will 100% bother them that you dont defend it

  9. Nice review thanks! Well, he’s that confident not to be bothered, Magnus got tons of moves in his head already.

  10. "arguably the best player in the world"?? 13:02 arguably the craziest statement in 2023!!

  11. I think it's tempting to focus on the 55%… but it's also important to note that almost half the time Magnus does react. You have to have the right positioning to ignore the pin. And Magnus is probably much better than most at being in the position to take advantage of ignoring it

  12. Is not the last example of the queen giving check another example of moving the queen away similar to the first example … I'm not saying…. I'm just saying….

  13. I'm rather intrigued by various possibilities opened up for white when black pawn moves to D4 at 1:38 if white then uses En Passant E4 to D3. No immediate advantage discernible but I see blacks centre and possibly kings defence weakened in dealing with it.

  14. I had one game against my brother where he pinned my knight to my queen. My response was ignoring it, but in a different way. I played knight takes pawn, leaving the queen wide open. He takes the queen and I move the knight again to attack his queen, which was also a discovered check from the rook.

  15. I wonder if he responds differently if a king is pinned vs a queen, might not be enough games of both to discover anything though.

  16. If you want, share the database with me and I’ll make a Magnus ai!

  17. When he defended with the knight couldn’t he have instead just let him take the knight and take the bishop with the pawn? Or are knights more valuable? Sorry I’m still a beginner at chess. Edit – this is your second example (3%). Edit edit – well you just answered my question if I would’ve kept watching. Not familiar with pawn structures.

  18. In the first example for the ignored category why couldn’t Magnus put the king in check with his queen on a4 winning a free bishop?

  19. Me ignoring the Pin: my queen and rook geht's forked 😂

  20. All great analysis, really interesting video as always, it’s great to look at all the ways to respond to pins…
    BUT the percentages are meaningless. 100 games is not a large sample size and it’s completely context dependent. If you ask Magnus how often should I attack with the flank pawn, he’s not going to say “do it 23% of the time”; he’s going to say it completely depends on dozens of other factors. Someone who plays certain types of openings / closed positional games is going to have wildly different “correct” responses to pins versus a player who plays very different openings / open tactical games etc.
    This type of analysis reminds me of “survivorship bias” where the analysis seems logical but can lead to incorrect conclusions. Don’t “ignore the pin” 56% of the time because Magnus does; instead, you need to understand WHY Magnus responds differently in different situations.

  21. Actually at 3:30 and moments leading to it, it's just the cambridge springs defense and all theory.

  22. 46 sec in and I believe I did less studying in my curriculum than what you did in preparation for this video…

  23. Play chess without any pieces. I hope it challenged you. Please try it out. Thanks again. My name is Aarav Neelakanda

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