Chess Pro Answers Questions From Twitter (ft. GothamChess) | Tech Support | WIRED

Levy Rozman answers the internet’s burning questions about the game of chess. What’s the best opening? How do you become a grandmaster? Was the Queen’s Gambit an accurate show? What’s the worst move you can make in chess? Is it harder to play with black pieces than white? Levy answers all these questions and much more!

Check out Levy’s YouTube channel:

Director: Lisandro Perez-Rey
Director of Photography: Charlie Jordan
Editor: Chris Davies
Expert: Levy Rozman

Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Associate Producer: Brandon White
Production Manager: Eric Martinez
Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila

Camera Operator: Corey Eisenstein
Audio: Brett Van Deusen
Production Assistant: Patrick Sargent

Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Assistant Editor: Paul Tael

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  1. "Vibrating advices in shoes or somewhere else" 😂

  2. Dutchman with eyes wide open, eyebrows raised: "Shah mat" is almost Dutch, "schaakmat"! Funny that.

  3. Bro levy a kid in India destroyed magnus a bunch of times it was all over the news

  4. @GothamChess You are wrong Stockfish isn't the best Chess Engine anymore, it's AlphaZero and you agreed on your YT channel. Why did you mislead WIRED viewers?

  5. Bruh the little smile Levy had when he says "Vibrating device in a shoe…or somewhere" has me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Lmao at the Contra "theory" joke… only lefties will understand.

  7. Congrats 10 million almost 9.96m same thing

  8. Checkmate = Chah mat= king dead ( مات = mate means dead also in Arabic)

  9. "At Contra…Points asks" well that took me out

  10. Knight > bishop because the queen can’t move like a knight

  11. Chess is Truely an amazing sport that should never be forgotten and/or taken over by ai

  12. Seen some comments on other languages, but in Portuguese the knight is called “cavalo”, which translates to “horse”.

  13. I didn't expect him to pronounce shah mat that good

  14. Sacrificing your pieces early game.
    It causes problems later.

  15. I didn't know Harry Potter can teach me chess 🤔

  16. F6. If I see my opponent play f6 early in the game I know I've already won

  17. In some languages Knights are called Horses. In Romanian Queen is Lady/Queen, Knight is Horse, Bishop is Crazy(i think it should be closer to clown/jester), Rook is Tower.

  18. 380 here 😂 lol very new but love the way the game makes you think 🧐 and in a way guess what your opponent will also do.

  19. What are the origins of the word "fianchetto"?

  20. In mine country steel spal "shah mat" poland 😉

  21. I am a proud below-average chess player, and I really appreciate this video!

  22. I cannot take this man seriously when he keeps calling the knight a horsie!

  23. 9:55
    Russian version of pieces
    Bishop->Слон (Elephant)
    Knight-> Конь (Horse)
    A whole zoo in there

  24. f6 is by far one of the greatest opening moves

  25. That "there's not much difference between playing black and white." Stumped me. Pretty sure white has a not insignificant advantage in chess, players will definitely have higher win percentage playing white.

  26. have all chess game moves been done or are they an infinite number of what u can do in a chess board and if there is a finite limit does that mean to become a chess grandmaster you have to study all types of games and have counters to when you are the losing opponent

  27. Chess computers are now small enough to fit on a… smartphone 🤣. Was this an intentional pause/"plug" reference?

  28. Hello your king has a blunder. Please sacrifice me your queen.

  29. Where do I have to play to know the, or get the scores

  30. I think checkmate make more sense in portuguese, "chequemate" because cheque is check and mate is kill so like checked kill is checkmate.

  31. شاه مات
    in arabic it means "king died"

  32. "vibrating devices in their shoe or elsewhere" 😂😂 That was the wildest chess scandal

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