Which GMs Will Join Carlsen, Hikaru, So, and Caruana In the Chessable Masters 2023? | Play-In Stage

This is the last chance for some of the world’s top players to qualify for the Chessable Masters! With a record $2 million prize pot on offer across the Champions Chess Tour, world champion Magnus Carlsen is joined by three top U.S. stars, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, and Fabiano Caruana in the second event of the CCT. They’ve secured their spots, but who will join them in the 2022 Chessable Masters?

Everything you need to know about the CCT:

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  1. Chess can't be spelt with Hess 😂😂😂😂

  2. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:


  3. Hans niemann doesn't get a chance to play in?

  4. 1. Great commentary as always thank you guys! 2. There's not much point showing the players' often-cryptic handles. Please show their real names. 3. PLEASE stop putting those vacuous tweets or whatever they are, over the players' names, clocks and ratings! Especially when changing games rapidly, but not just then. Usually I move the window down so I can't see those, as it's impossible to ignore some silly comment. (So I can never watch full screen, sadly) I've never seen one worth reading, please do away with that, it's embarrassing. But especially now with all the vital info about the game under the board, in the exact area obscured often by silly public comments, there's no escaping it.

  5. Daniel, Hess, Yasser and Howell are the top commentators so far.

  6. Is the commentary coverage delayed so that the players have no possibility to hear their analysis in real-time?

  7. 4:45:44 Did Firouzja fail to qualify even for division 3? I didn't see his name in the top 72 rankings after the play in.

  8. Robert and Danya just add so much flavor and enthusiasm to the broadcast. I cant say enough about their level of professionalism and skill. What a joy it is to sit back after a long day at work and relax to unrelenting excellence. Thanks for bringing the game to a level it’s never been at. The great masters of the past would be privileged to have Robert and Danya cover their games.

  9. Love this format. At 4:38:45 though, it's confusing because they interchange "Division", with the 2 game mini-match "groupings", or "batch" as Robert calls it once. This happened last play-in, and it's still confusing. Group A (I'll call it), is the top 8 guys. The 4 winners then go on to D1 in the main event. The 4 losers go to D2 in the main event. On the other end, Group C (bottom 40 of the 72) has 20 winners making D3, and the 20 losers of their mini-match don't get to play main event at all. But they incorrectly call this D3, which has got to be confusing AF unless you break down the nuts and bolts yourself. In short, you need to establish a different vocab word (e.g. Group A, or "batch") to differentiate the mini-match "group/batch" vs the main events "divisions".

  10. Robert Hess and Daniel Naroditsky are the best chess commentators ever. They are amazingly fast in understanding the positions and they explain them quickly and precisely. Please give us more of these 2 guys

  11. This new format is incredibly awesome, since it allows many to "funnel" down to their respective division and playing strength. They should, however, have "secured spots" for D2 and D3, like they have for D1 (Naka, Magnus, So, and Fabi). Example 1: Sam Sevian won D3 last event, which should EASILY secure him a D2 spot. But now he not only has to spend an entire day re-qualifying, he's not even guaranteed a D3 spot, let alone D2??Example 2: Yu Yangyi was runner-up (to Fabi) in D2 last time. He clearly plays D2 quality chess or better, so he should AT LEAST secure a D2 spot for this tourney. But, like Sam, has to re-qualify. It seems disingenuous to make these two (at least) participate in this play-in. (unless they want to, to try and qualify D1, etc)

  12. 4:30:55Everyone is saying these commentators are great. For many reasons, that is true. Exhibit A: Danya finding this disgusting mate.

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