CHESS STEPS #3 (1000-1400)

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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 3.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Game 1 vs 1032
15:41 Win in 4 moves
32:58 Game 3 vs 1300?
48:56 Game 4 vs 1223

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  1. Is there a 4th episode? Or will there be one? I found this series very helpful!

  2. Excellent tutorial, easy to understand, simple review of moves and positions, very effective method of studying Chess, waiting for Step 4

  3. As a burgeoning 600 I appreciate the freestyle, em, style. I need generalities in the extreme – I'm not ready for specifics.
    Keep it up!

  4. 14:53 This could be a chess puzzle. This position is amazing. Assuming it is white's turn to move, white either gets checkmate or a queen via knight fork.

    Ne5 is a discovered check. The only two valid moves for black are Kd6 and Ke7.
    If Kd6, Nf7 and you have forked the king and queen.
    If instead Ke7, Nf5. Black can only go Ke8 and Kf8, both of which will result in checkmate with Qf7. All those pieces, and they are completely useless in stopping White's knights.

  5. The difference is you copied Aman's series lol.

  6. 1400 definitely knows the Spassky bishop trap lol

  7. I don't know any openings except for getting the main pieces out into the center and I'd love to hear your opinion on my playing.

  8. 31:00 promotion to queen eould have checked the enemy King forced Nd8 and delivers checkmate on the next move Qxd8#

  9. Love this series. I'm able to follow along at my level and gain confidence with what I'm able to see on the board and that I'm able to keep up but also noticing what I do wrong and what I'm miscalculating.

  10. The thing about this position at 43:22 is that as someone who's just entered into the quadruple digits in rapid, I've seen Levy and other chess content creators cover so many games played by GMs and engines that I actually saw the knight idea first and didn't get to thinking about maneuvering the bishop before Levy brought it up.

    Same thing at 56:36 with Levy saying "no human sees this move". Obviously exaggerating, and every titled player probably plays that there, but once again, I immediately saw that rook move. Not saying that makes me an amazing player, just that… I guess people have different weaknesses in their game. I'm not as good a tactics as I'd like to be, for example.

    I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that I'm sometimes trying to play like AlphaZero with up to 3 blunders in a win, but it sure is an exciting way to play 🙂 When in doubt, play h4-h5. I've turned a lot of games around by giving my opponent a chance to blunder.

  11. great stuff! had to watch it in parts, maybe break it down to smaller chunks?

  12. These 1000-1400 don’t play like my 1000-1400,, they be playing like GMs

  13. Another Instructional Video. I look forward to getting a course and studying it when possible.

  14. I can watch hours of these, just learning and absorbing Levy's thinking

  15. It is so irritating to see you making stupid moves for "teaching reasons". It teaches nothing. 1400 wouldn't play moves you played

  16. Could you do a series on how to improve from lower grade to sth like a 1000? For non-professional players.

  17. 1000 rated players: hmmm imma get him with this opening
    5 moves later…
    1000 rated players: wait this isn't mainline

  18. Day 189 of translating Levy’s titles into Italian: “Vincere in quattro mosse (livelli di scacchi #3)”

  19. I like the concept of playing on your opponents level, but most players around 1000-1400 try to castle with 3 pawns above their king (and most of the time castle short), in game 1 you completely destroy your pawn structure and while you know that everything is fine, I don't think that most players in this elo range would be confident to destroy their pawn structure that way, this video wasn't too relatable for me, but you definetly showed some good concepts that I can implement in my games and improve with, even though I don't play any of those openings

  20. New to chess, stumbled upon this series. Keep up the content like this, and you have a fan for life.

  21. Everybody gangsta until Levy starts playing at opponent's 3200 elo level

  22. You should have a 1000 rated player tell you which moves to make so you can see what they would actually play

  23. As the series progresses to 2800 will Levy will start playing at that level? Is that how he gets his GM norms?

  24. Me : who win with 4 move for 10 round.

  25. Reméltem, hogy magyarok is néznek téged GothamChess 😀

  26. At 58:00 there‘s KB6 as a perfect move. It defends the pawn from the rook and attacks the A pawn.

  27. The fact that Levy played this while gibbering jaberish is just amazing. I would’ve lost on time

  28. Levy, this has been my favorite series by far. I've watched almost all of your other videos, and I've learned the concepts and some openings for chess, but seeing you practically apply some of these concepts, as well as seeing some concepts that I would come up with as a 1300 are immensely helpful. These videos have been less about playing the very best moves and more about playing good chess overall. Thank you

  29. Not liking this series, would rather see you play the best moves and explain why they are the best moves. If I’m 1400 i want to see what moves someone higher rated would play and why, not the moves I would play. Can’t learn anything this way.

  30. I watch ur videos and spot 70% of the best moves but I can’t spot it in a real game😭

  31. 21:54 i know high level Vienna theory for multiple variations despite being at the 1400 level but I also don’t see the Bobby Fischer bishop trap??? I knew that at 1200😂 you have to learn these things if you want to improve your rating

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