HUGE Magnus, Hikaru Chess Drama

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  1. How about they charge like $100 per person and host it in a big stadium

  2. Levy is right… I got into Chess because of the Queen's Gambit.

  3. I really enjoyed last world championship because of Fabi commentating. A good commentator packs the period between moves with tension and 'will they won't they'.

  4. 100% Levy, something has got to give…i saw a tournament in my city the price money for first was just 70usd…ouch!!!!

  5. I agree Canceling the Event was a huge hit to chess boom but hopefully we'll get a better event in the future.

  6. At the end of the day, people just love to watch dumb stuff like tiktok shorts, cringe youtube videos,etc. Chess requires you to think which isn't the forte of 99% people and increasing each day. You don't see a crowd outside diamond stores , you see them outside bars and clubs.

  7. I call bs, this is all part of the publicity to test the waters. No big project would allow a guy who is not even the protagonist talk about a show unless its 100% confirmed dead or because they want more marketing going towards it.

  8. The thing is mind work is very hard to visualize and if it's hard => lass commercial banners. It's similar with football coaches or music producers. Like how many of you know about Rick Rubin? But that dude produces shit you all love like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, SOAD, Linkin Park, Metalica etc.

  9. The easy fix for the marketability of chess is to follow in hockey's footsteps and allow the players to pause the game at any point to beat the shit out of each other

  10. Levy why dont you make videos with hikaru anymore?

  11. We gotta get the BBC and David Edinburgh involved. They can get me to watch 2 hours of ocean shenanigans imagine what they could do with chess

  12. Don’t disagree with your views. 45 minutes with maybe a 15 minute bonus after move 40 would be an interesting format

  13. This topic reminds me of the Womens Footbal pay thing.
    Answer is pretty simple: Not enough people are watching for big sponsers/big money.
    I like Chess, but it is boring to watch, especially in the U.S.A, they think Football is boring, let alone Chess

  14. Day 1 commenting under Gotham videos until Benji makes comeback on cam.

  15. I totally agree because it’s a sport that is highly viewed, so why not? Also hope this video goes viral

  16. I love this guy man. I hope this video goes viral like that one video in every movie that gets everyone to start supporting a movement.

  17. Wasn’t going to watch it but I will if it goes on now. Chess deserves the big screen

  18. I think I know why Chess is not financially viable. With every other sport, the top level is entertaining to watch. But in Chess, unless someone explains it to us, the matches are incomprehensible to most people.

  19. I got kinda motivated to teach some kids basic chess and seeing them get a higher elo than I got within 5 months

  20. This seems recoverable. Anything short of the players refusing to play can be worked with, delayed, and accommodated. This is still a huge loss, but this seems like something that can reasonably be addressed if the issue is only the venue and not something deeper.

  21. Seeing people passionate about something makes me happy.

  22. U just made me a 1%er … I want a cape😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. 4:20 WHAT? MVL just beat twice Carlsen in a rapid match but "Hikaru is the only man on the planet that has challengend magnus"???

  24. As both a huge chess fan and battlebots fan, it makes me smile to see you mention the bot fights

  25. 18:20 As someone who just hit 1200 for the second time ever, I feel so called out here😅

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