CLOSING CEREMONY of the 2023 FIDE World Championship Match

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  1. Nepo will bounce back. But not in just one or two days. 55:34 It's possible he overworked his chess & under-valued his physical health. But I hope he will refocus himself on the positives. He's a stronger player now. He was part of an exciting match with dramatic wins & losses–The Thriller in Astana! He still got a decent payday (albeit nothing like what he had hoped…) And he has lots of fans.

  2. This "Closing Ceremony" was an absolute disgrace. The fancy ladies dressed like "showgirls", along with the glitzy lights & pop-music background, lacked the dignity, sophistication and respect that the WCC deserved! Again, this is the World Chess Championship…NOT a "Dancing with the Stars" competition. Absolutely pathetic!

  3. We want to watch the ceremony on Hikaru's stream. Fide should allow that.

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