CLOSING CEREMONY of the 2023 FIDE World Championship Match

#NepoDing #FIDEchess


  1. Lol, 丁 been chilling so hard he sat in his seat with the wreath.

  2. 1:13:00 I cant describe it but he looks so humble whenever he is on stage, its so great to see.

  3. ‪After watching the closing ceremony I finally understood why Magnus is refused to participate. And who the heck is Ding Lijen?‬

  4. Nepo removed the medal like a typical Russian who cannot accept the loss. How pathetic. Congratulations, Ding!

  5. Nepo is so immature and disrespectful, always making all sorts of unnecessary facial expressions. I'm glad the most likeable player won the championship.

  6. It's not Ding who won, it's Nepo who lost. Ding didn't deserve it, acutally

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