I Played A Different Chess Bot EVERY MOVE (2nd Attempt!)

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  1. New martin idea: normal rules except checks. If you have a check, no matter how bad or good, you must play it. If you have multiple checks possible in 1 move, play the worst check.
    If Martin ever checks you, defend in the worst way possible

  2. I made up a challenge for myself last night that you might enjoy, I was analyzing a completely winning position – i had a knight, bishop, rook and queen plus some pawns and they had just a king and a pawn or 2. In game I noticed I had a mate in 1 with a rook move but I had 5 minutes on the clock and wanted to win in style. I looked again and noticed that after a knight check, there would be 3 different mates I could deliver on the next move. I was searching through my options, just looking for the most beautiful checkmate I could, and then I had an idea.
    I had 4 pieces on the board and wondered if it was possible in the position to find a checkmate with the following rules:
    Mate in 4 challenge:
    1- all 4 pieces must be each be moved, only once (any order)
    2- each move must be a check, but only the 4th move can be mate
    3- no pawns are to be pushed
    4- there are many checkmates on the board, but mate in 1, 2, or 3 will not be accepted.

    In game I got mate in 3 using 3 pieces, so I set up the position in analysis to try and find a solution.

    The challenge was actually that there were so many mate in 3's and 2's on the board that all left out a piece or 2 from the attack, thus not fulfilling the challenge requirements. I ended up finding 2 separate forcing lines that both lead to a serious assault on the enemy king with check, check, check, mate, – all delivered by different pieces. To me, the finished product checkmates in 4 definitely looked more beautiful and stylish than the mates in the original game position I was looking at and played. Probably gonna stick to playing mate in 1 if I see them though 😀

  3. This might be difficult to pull off, but I think a fun challenge could be to have a random bot play every move, but the catch is you don't know how strong the bot is. Basically is this an amazing sacrifice or is this martin?

  4. I’m sitting here watching at freaking 3:05 am, way to go lol! 🙂

  5. I find it odd that i can beat the 1500ish rated bots everytime
    however my rating is 600 and i cant seem to get over 700

  6. "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear_not absence of fear." _Mark Twain

  7. If I play the challenge myself? HAHAHAHAHA, I'd probably blunder into a Fool's Mate.

  8. I think the way to play this challenge is to stall and trade effectively. Throw in checks here and there because time is on your side. Great way to stall at the end, but your opening seemed too offensive. Conversely, if you do the bots in reverse, you gotta be like Sonic and go fast.

    Great win Nelson!

  9. DO ghis but with 2 bots only, in a cycle, Martin, and Stockfish (sotck fish with 3 moves)

  10. Nice work! Might try this but starting from the top of the advanced bots, I know I can't do it from the very top, haha.

  11. What about Chess But Waters Rise:

    every move you choose a square at random to flood. if a square floods twice it is lost to the deep (you can’t move there) along with any of your pieces on it. however, your pieces are equipped with sandbags and drain the water from squares they move to.

    Martin has a stash of flotation devices he keeps for his kids so his pieces are unaffected

  12. For my taste the music in this video is too loud. If you ask me the music isn't even needed. But that's just a matter of taste.

  13. what do you call it when nelson plays among us?


  14. Here's a challenge: You start against beginner bots and you play only with pawns against them then against intermediate you can play with bishop and knights after that against advanced bots rooks then master bots queen and last top bots king. You can castle tho once you reach to advanced and you can move the king when its in check.

  15. This has been actually amazing, I mean on the same level of GTE pretty much, in my opinion at least 🙂

  16. Same thing, but instead of in order, it's random; Then pick 2-4 from each group and do the random of that sub set.

  17. Martin and Ding alternate moves against you

  18. So basically you needed 80 moves to beat the easiest bot? That's not so impressive 😀

  19. Oliver destroyed any hope the bots had.

  20. How can one change the bot once the game has started? Didn't know that was possible.

  21. why didn't go for 3.d4 and play normal theory and get rid of the highest rated bots?

  22. Nice video try it the other way around so Martin starts the game

  23. DOPE, the end had me on the edge of my seat like the first time i watched the ending of USUAL SUSPECTS!!!

  24. The worst move was putting music on a video about chess Unbelievable

  25. I'm so glad you decided that in future videos you no longer have the music playing. Unfortunately, with this one, I could only watch a minute or two because of this.

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