DANG! Ding Does it Again!

The World Chess Championship Continues with Game 6 on April 16, 2023, GM Ding Liren vs GM Ian Nepomniachtchi GM Hikaru Nakamura Recaps.


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  1. Love the energy in "Welcome back"!! Always brings a big smile on my face 🙂

  2. No matter how hard you try. You can never compare with Gothamchess

  3. i am with din'g for his shown of resilliance

  4. this guy ruins the whole game in his thumbnail bruh

  5. Hey @hikaru when a match is like this and wins/loses flying around, do you think this is exhilarating or exhausting for the players?

  6. Hikaru basically
    'Excellent move Ding, really props to him.'

    'Nepo is trash'

  7. Thanks for this amazing recap❤🎉

  8. Hikaru : I got my lines confused sorry

    Me a 700 elo : no problem boss

  9. We can't dismiss the possibility of these two commies just trading games to keep it interesting.

  10. Here because levy did not post yet 😢😢😢

  11. I watch Hikarus videos on 0.5 speed.
    Go slow for 1000 Elo here

  12. Hikaru gave us a little Levy stare in this one.

  13. Of course Nepo plays caro kann, for example against d perez in saint louis…

  14. What an amazing analyse, respect sir.

  15. What a great match so far! Much more interesting than he Magnus/Ian WC that's for sure.

  16. 0:20 Hikaru saying would he be able to strike back when the title literally says ding does it again 😭😅😅🤣

  17. Very interesting game. Personally as a 1500 I thought the entire game was theory.

  18. Find a woman who looks at you like Hikaru does and all the happiness will be yours.

  19. He said botez gambit for the queen sac

  20. it would be nice if the title didnt give away the outcome of the games. For example: agadamator just labels them as "WCC game number x". if you want a more interesting title, you could maybe still find one that doesnt give it away completely.

  21. Man why did you spoil it in the title?

  22. 14:08 I was completely shocked by the pyramid of geeza

  23. Editors like this one shouldnt be allowed to edit wcc recaps f u c k this bs cant even take a 1 sec peek through suggestions without getting a spoiler for the game go to h ell whoever made the title you piece of rubbish

  24. WELcome bACK evERYOne
    This is the HIkaru signature yt opening xD

  25. Perky/sprightful Hikaru is so awkward it's hilariously entertaining with a touch of cringe…lol

  26. would be great if you could remove engine evaluation from the analysis. It's distracting and I'm here for the human perspective, not engine lines!

  27. Rooting for Ding really hard here. I hate Nepo's play style in classical.

  28. Damn , magnus resigning this championship was the best thing happened to chess and drama production

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