DANG! Ding Does it Again!

The World Chess Championship Continues with Game 6 on April 16, 2023, GM Ding Liren vs GM Ian Nepomniachtchi GM Hikaru Nakamura Recaps.


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  1. Just found out the piece called queen in chess is a lie real name is the advisor aka the king's right hand 🔥✨
    And the king represent the player inside the game so when the king dies the game ends 🤯

  2. Whenever I see these games I miss Magnus.

  3. This WCC just proves how powerful and dominant Carlsen is. This era's GOAT

  4. Wow, the move d5 was to avoid the king going away

  5. WELCOME BACK EVERYONEE!! (With that GM hikaru smirk) Gets me all the time.

  6. Channel added to ’Do not recommend’ for giving away the result in the title.

  7. Hikaru, i forked the subscribe and like button.

  8. Ding does a Britney Spears: Oops I did it again.

  9. Can you stop spoiling the ending on every title??? Its so obnoxious

  10. video idea: explaining exactly what your terminology means i.e. bastion, wooden shield, pyramid of giza, etc. I'm sure there are a lot I'm missing.

  11. Geez man. What a great review. In terms of the variations, psychology, strategy, nakamura covers it all.

  12. RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine says:

    Hikaru the Great! 👏🏾💯

  13. I remember when Hikaru used the "Welcome Back Everyone" for the first time, and its so wholesome

  14. I’m rooting for Ding!! He’s so meek and adorable

  15. can you not spoil results evry time in title of the video?

  16. Never seen such a topsy turvy match at this level. Was expecting a bunch of draws and maybe 2-3 decisive matches.

  17. Maybe you could avoid revealing the winner in the title for people who haven’t seen the game yet

  18. When Ding played Qf7 at the end and said "I am the one who Dings!" to Nepo, I knew we're in for a ride.

  19. I'm glad you pointed out that Nepo could of tied this game by taking the pawn on move 32, seemed like a lot of analysts missed this.

  20. Welcome back everyone Lmao Idk why is this so funny.

  21. Hikaru is so savage and critical about the game. I thought he was just critical to Levy, Botez and player below him.

  22. One of the most beautiful checkmates i have seen.

  23. "Oops, i Ding it again lalalala, i'm not that innocent".

  24. More london goodness….There has to be something said for it if its being played at this level…

  25. Beautiful finish. Thanks for the beautiful recap as well Hikaru. 👑

  26. can you stop screaming into the mic please, my family is angry at me.

  27. 0:00 that expression on his face though.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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