Daniel Naroditsky plays Hikaru in Bullet | 10 Games

Danya plays a 10 game bullet match against Hikaru Nakamura after the Chess.com tournament- Bullet Brawl (the score is 5-2 at the start due to the games they played in the tournament; I made a video of those games- )

Clips from GMNaroditsky Twitch-

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  1. Its kind of hilarious reading the "Hikaru is a god of chess" comments from 12 year olds who learnt chess from memes…. Bro its bullet. It's not real chess….

  2. Watching someone play Hikaru from their POV is terrifying.

  3. That smother was worth 50 losses

  4. Try saying “takes, takes, takes, ….” repeatedly throughout your games. It seems to help some. 🤣Jk. Good showing.

  5. why doesn't he play like this against magnus?

  6. For hikaru: you are just a food that he eat daily 😋

  7. Why didn't he fork @ 2:24? Seems like after rook takes, he is lined up to take the bishop next.

  8. Most of the time danya had a good position, but could not capitalize because hikaru defended well but hikaru capitalized everytime danya blundered and punished all his inaccuracies.

  9. can someone tell me why at 6:10 he resigns and says its another blunder? if black Qc7 and Ne8 then Re2+ and he wins Hikarus Queen?

  10. He allows you to be better at the beginning- after that he is just killing you.

  11. At 4:56 why didn’t he take hikaru’s newly made queen?😅😅😅😅

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