PogChamps 5 Finals: LIVE From LA! CDawgVA v Frank & QTCinderella v Wirtual | ft. Ludwig and Tyler1

Featuring QTCinderella, CDawgVA, Franks-is-heres, and Wirtual, Chess.com’s spectacular battle of the creators has reached the final stage! We’re live with Ludwig from Los Angeles as we decide where each share of the $100,000 prize pool will go!

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  1. 4:17:51
    “Frank could avalanche. How do you stop it?”
    “You cannot stop an avalanche with a horse”
    -Levi 2023

  2. Everyone is like “Why did Frank take the bishop?” but he did it for one simple reason, which is that he’s not a coward

  3. Monke absolutely crushed it, truly a child chess prodigy

  4. 6:16:30 I actually have this same thing. I have a 47% win rate with white and about a 54% with black, and it is explicitly down to openings. When I play black, I can play a sicilian. My strongest skill chess-wise is my memory, so I can memorize lines for a more complex opening. But with white, I've tried basically every opening and never found one

  5. I really hope those 2 are invited back for the next pogchamps, this was a hell of a match. Connor had to fight hard for this win, should make it all the more satisfying. And Frank should be very proud of his showing, if there is a pogchamps 6 and hes in it, he will definitely be one of the favorites. Great sportsmanship from them both as well, always nice to see. xQc would probably just be sitting there sulking if hed advanced lol

  6. Poor Connors hands were shaking so much. Im happy for him, he was so nervous and people already have been making fun of him that he chokes a lot.

  7. You know I think quite a few commentors on the other streams owe frank an apology. "Hes cheating with chat" nope, clearly as good or better OTB. "xQc should have gotten to reschedule he has a much better chance against connor" Still doubt it lol

  8. Wow Ludwig was actually a pretty good chess commentator! He is a 1200 I guess so it's not like hes clueless but he's not a 2000+ like everyone else.

  9. BIG props to QT for noting that being on time (unlike XQC) is Important!

  10. Pogchamps: You MUST invite Frank back!
    -You CANNOT invite xqc always late cheating-accusing dramaqu*en back. We're done with that piece of sh1t!
    You MUST give the players the schedule for the event at least 1 month in advance.
    And the same goes for us viewers too.
    "somewhere at the end of month a, possibly beginning of month b does not cut it if you wat the audience to grow.

  11. That Tyler1 game 2 was possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen in a game

  12. @chess can we please name 3.Na3 the Frank variation? (Sicilian defence Alapin / Frank variation. 1. e4 c5 2. c3 Nc6 3. Na3)
    It's a bit passive but definitely playable and deserves a name in the books! (:

  13. quick google search says legal moves are 10^40. number of atoms 10^78 to 10^82. not even close.

  14. protect frank at all costs absolute legend in the making

  15. Alexandra basically didn't say a single word while being a commentator, amazing, but then tries to shame Levy for him not being a GM, isn't she stuck at 2100 for the last 5 years?
    Her sister is lower rated but contributed way more to the panel, might as well just hire Andrea and leave Alex at home.

  16. Ok, I came to pogchamps because I'm a CDawg fan, but I'm leaving as a frank fan as well.

  17. Did you tube ruin this for anyone else with the winner right next to this video? This isn't the super bowl I thought I would be able to watch this less than a day after spoiler free…

  18. I don't understand how to play chess at all, all I know is you have to replace your opponents parts

  19. 4:00:30 LOL the 2 british dudes showing up in long sleeves/pants. "Well, its fine to wear in Britain in the summer, and it gets pretty hot there too youll find…"lands in So Cal "OH GOD IT DOESN'T GET HOT IN THE UK AT ALLLLLLL"

  20. Didnt expect any less from ChadDawgVA. A GM in disguise.

  21. I've finally finished watching pogchamps 5. What an absolute rollercoaster!

  22. i don't wanna sound bad but i wanna make a genuine question. is frank autistic? or just childish? because he makes weird faces

  23. Can't believe a monke won a chess tournament…

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