PogChamps 5 Finals: LIVE From LA! CDawgVA v Frank & QTCinderella v Wirtual | ft. Ludwig and Tyler1

Featuring QTCinderella, CDawgVA, Franks-is-heres, and Wirtual, Chess.com’s spectacular battle of the creators has reached the final stage! We’re live with Ludwig from Los Angeles as we decide where each share of the $100,000 prize pool will go!

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  1. Frank: Is it free?

    Cannur: *starts sweating profusely* mhmmm… iduhno… 🤷

    Frank: *takes the Trojan Horse* I knew it was too good to be true 👁👄👁

  2. Winner of pogchamps should face chess world cup champion for the super cup.

  3. 5:44:21 ~One Hail Mary move that only GMs, the savants of chess would find.~ Ludwig

  4. frank jokes aside, congrats to cdaWg 🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥

  5. What does she say at 3:16:31? Sounds like she insulted him, also she sounds drunk, and then the other dude just made fun of his hairline. What a bunch of cowards.

  6. We should have had Wirtual vs Cdawg and QT vs Frank.

  7. Nice to see someone put Frank in the trash where he belongs

  8. 4:49:15 Ludwig: "chess isn't fun"
    Levy: "no, it's not."

    That was the most earnest sounding remark ive ever heard out of gotham lol

  9. 2:13:01

    As a chess player with a peak USCF rating of 1992 I took that personally.

  10. Hess is my favorite commentator so it's great to have him

  11. Luds background in smash commentating is so obvious here he’s really good

  12. This was so intense! It was like watching Light Yagami eat a potato chip!

    I felt like CDawg had a whole anime monologue going on in his head. 🤣

  13. Not going to lie. When the match is live in person, and the players talk. I wish the commentators would fill the dead air. Not talk all the damn time.

  14. 5:37:57 Ludwig made the ultimate prediction of pogchamps 5, truly a luddy moment

  15. I'm so happy to see Frank fan's inhaling copium right now, it's glorious.

  16. What a finals! We could all see how much respect the two players had for each other, as well as how hard they fought and played in these matches for the crown. Congratulations CDawg, I hope you enjoy your shiny trophy!

    And to Future GM Frank: Don't let this match discourage you, all superheros face off against supervillains like CDawg, and failure and loss is just a steppingstone that makes future success more impactful and important.

  17. Congrats to frank! Can’t believe he sweeped cdawg!

  18. The whole thing, Game 1 especially, was a roller coaster of emotions. I felt each blunder in my soul

    Congrats to Cdawg and a hell of a fight from Frank the Tank!!

  19. Props to levys tongue that helps him taste the chess pieces

  20. Didnt expect any less from ChadDawgVA. A GM in disguise.

  21. I was gonna fall asleep to this. Now it's 2 am and my blood pressure is through the roof

  22. 31:15 ah yes the charlie vs moist crtical match
    Charlie clones himself, truly a charlie moment of all time

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