DING!!!!! DING!!!!!!!!!! DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. White scoring 38 % does not equal black scoring 62 %. There is this thing called draws as well 😛

  2. Bro went from Liren to Hector Salamanca in a single match

  3. Gotham is getting over 50K views in 20 minutes…

    How far he’s come…

  4. I want Magnus in the Title, regardless of who plays.

  5. wait, no, didn't magnus vs… I wanna say Caruana go the distance??

  6. I came here for educated chess recaps and I hear the dumbest thing I’ve heard all week. Jimmy Buckets is gonna own the Knicks

  7. Magnus would've already won, none of them are at his level

  8. The white pawn on E4 is just hanging after white castles. Can someone explain this?

  9. BRO! red wings avalanche goalie fight!!!

  10. In the nicest way possible, I'm pretty sure Levy had about 3 coffees this morning

  11. Ding is in control. Some serious Magnus vibes coming out of him. He's no longer Ding, now he's Dingus.

  12. this was the only match I watched in its entirety. definitely an interesting one for both

  13. I watch the live broadcast because I know that an hour after the game ends I can get a free egg and bacon biscuit from someone's porch.

  14. Please stop throughing in your basketball or boxing memes. These make no sense to most of us not Americans.

  15. Just a question, didn't Magnus Karjakin and Magnus Fabi go all the way since it was tied after the classical portion?

  16. Levi hasn't ever heard the word foal before? lol

  17. Nepotition Repetition… I'll see myself out.

  18. Why don’t you put the stare in the thumbnail?

  19. Too quick to take in, not piercing enough. 6.5/10

  20. Penguins flyers is like Fischer Spassky or like Karpov Korchnoi in terms of how much the 2 sides hate each other

  21. Of all the things to notice in this game, all i can think is how much of a city slicker Gotham is, since he doesn’t know foal xD

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