Gangster Magnus Destroys his opponent with Brilliant tactics in a NEW Titled Tuesday

Magnus Carlsen Streams Titled Tuesday
Magnus Carlsen vs Sergio Barrientos Chavarria
online Blitz Match, chess game, online chess
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Video created by: Filmora10
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  1. hmm be awesome if Magnus would check mate Andrea………..have sex lol

  2. Wow new look magnus❤️ chill with brother😁❤️🥰

  3. I like magnus dont talk much this girl is not stop talking non stop talk and thats not smart

  4. Magnus doesn't need more titles. He is already a legend, he no longer needs to prove anything to anyone. He is the King.

  5. So to get a girl like Andrea you've gotta be the world chess champion.. got it.

  6. Omg this girl is so annoying. I couldn't focus on the game because of her talking.

  7. o campeonato mundial naquele drama dedois seres humanos e o filho de Odin tranquilão tomando um suco de maracujá batizado e curtindo com os amigos e claro destruindo grandes mestres mortais na internet …

  8. Magnus took some ectasy 😂, orange juice for post roll recovery from the clubbing the night before…haha

  9. So weird Magnus not speaking, he is like the emperor of chess

  10. Botez at last world chess champs: “Magnus how does the knight move?” Now: “Magnus, how does your big Bishop move?”

  11. The best for those who love chess, ignorant dance, crazy sluts and alcohol.

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