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  1. The difference between concrete and cement is that the former is a final substance that solidifies and the latter is one of the compounds.

  2. GOTHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. concrete is cement + an aggregate (often sand or gravel)

  4. Just if someone was curious too about the difference between cement and concrete 3:57 ,veritasium uploaded a video 7days ago about it. Go have a look 🙂

  5. Wow, this has to be one of the chess matches of history, I was in my chair. Absolutely.

  6. Cement is the glue of concrete so concrete is cement with added sand, gravel and such. The strength of hardened cement and concrete is very similar and with the additives concrete is much cheaper which is why its used in construction over just cement. 3:57 There is a great Video by Veritasium explaining the difference in more detail.

  7. Stop milking this WC looser, u cant get good content without clickbait.

  8. Question to anyone who can answer: a few times now, I've heard levy say at a certain point in the match, "Now Ian was on his own…" Does that imply there's a period of these matches where the players are playing with the assistance of someone or something else?

  9. Cement is the binder/glue that holds concrete together Cement (8-15% total) + sand + gravel + water = concrete.

  10. To answer levy’s question at 4:02, concrete is the aggregate (“sludge”) that they use as the building material and cement is a powder used to make cement. Think of it as cement is the flour and concrete is the bread loaf 😃

  11. Put some sudocrem on your nose thank me later

  12. I like the way ian sounds like it’s pronounced like yan so I want him to win

  13. Cement is the "glue", and concrete is cement+aggregate (sand, gravel).

  14. From all allergy sufferers: I completely understand you and I myself sit with allergies

  15. "Ding Liren does something which separates the top players in the world from the amoebas like myself and if myself then definitely yourself " bruh you had to do that to us 🙂

  16. concrete is cement with sand and gravel as well as other things mixed in to add strength

  17. Concrete has things like rocks in it. Cement holds concrete together.

  18. Somebody higher rated than me please help, 17:09 why doesnt white fork the rook and knight after g6 was played? Im failing to see how that isnt puting white in a better position??

  19. CivEng here cement is the substance/“dust” we mix with water to create concrete

  20. cement is an ingredient required to make concrete

  21. I literally just watched a youtube video on this yesterday: Cement is the aggregate material that you mix together, and concrete is the final reacted product. Now you know.

  22. To be honest Levy, you got me back interested in chess! And this match is really great! About your allergy I can really recommend a desensitization therapy. I had the same problem but now I‘m okay.

  23. @4:00 Concreate has particulate matter like rocks in it. Cement is the binder in concreate.

  24. I think everyone should support Ding because he is clearly the one carrying the show. Ian is just playing regular professional chess while Ding is bringing new ideas, openings and goes for fancy moves and sacrifices. I have nothing against Ian but honestly if there wasn't Ding i bet the games would be quite boring

  25. Come on Ding you got this! Great games to watch so far.

  26. I had chronic sinusitis. When I switched to ketosis nutrition (no sugar, no other carbs), it vanished completely after 3 weeks.

  27. This actually the chess version of yin and yang, I would call it Ding and Ian 😅

  28. I unironically feel now that Magnus not defending his title is great because it gave us this banger of a series.

  29. Meanwhile Magnus is rocking at poker…

  30. Cement, or more properly Portland cement, is the component in concrete that bonds all of the materials together. Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, water, and aggregate (typically sand and/or small stone). Back to the game…

  31. thanks to magnus for not defending his title so we can get the most interesting world chess championship ever

  32. Can you pls do a opening video on the king's gambit??

  33. Cement is what you make with concrete – cement is a synecdoche

  34. yo levy it would be bussin if you showed what stockfish classifys the move as like whether it's the best move or like an inaccuracy thanks

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