When PAWN Destroys Everyone! | Chess Memes #15

When PAWN Destroys Everyone! | Chess Memes #15. In this game we have 1 Pawn that goes against 8 rooks and 8 knights!! And some epic sacrifices and mates!

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  1. Bro in the beginning when the pawn promotes to a queen just kill it with the rook cuze its not a pawn anymore

  2. In the first round at the start you could mate in 3

  3. For goodness sake would he shut his loud mouth its really annoying

  4. Сюжет видео, если бы чёрный игрок не был пробкой и убрал бы коней с d7 и f7: 📉

  5. I love how black is just Martin in the first match and then he became mittens if mittens' elo was accurate

  6. bro theres so much ways the black side couldve took the pawn

  7. Late comment but isnt this ladder mate after rf2

  8. Just move the d7 and f7 knight and the game is over

  9. Black can take the Queen since it's not a pawn anymore

  10. you miss a easy win in 1:19 you can cheak again with the rock f8 and cheak mate with rock d3

  11. Black: always losingthe white: always winningThe asians: didn't existed, but asian chess existedRacism: kicks in

  12. I just cracked up laughing the whole video, it was so funny and witty 😜😜

  13. Why in the first and second round black sounded like a baby and in the third round white sounded like baby

  14. 1:06 “You can’t take my pawn”Kid: Yeah , but it’s not a pawn anymore , it’s a queen OOoOoOoOoOoOoHhhHhHhHhH

  15. Meme format is easier to watch than watching a irl championship

  16. Aside from taking the queen, they missed a mate

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