Epic Chess Attack By Blitz Number One

Never Wave A Red Flag To A Bull. This is Alireza Firouzja with black playing chess against Fabiano Caruana with white. It’s the St. Louis Rapid And Blitz Chess Tournament. Epic chess on the board from Firouzja and Caruana in a classic fight in the Berlin.

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  1. Please stop signaling to us early on in the game who won. You're unwittingly ruining it.

  2. Nice win by Alireza I would think people would give Alireza his props being he’s a Blitz Champion but I’ve seen comments trying to downplay how good a player he really is I’ve seen many excellent games from him love both these players they both have so much talent Thanks for the Game James enjoy rest of your day

  3. Maybe the first time Alireza win against Caruana. Last time got his queen checkmated.

  4. rural French won against rural American .

  5. Here we go!
    Alireza talked about this game in post game interview

  6. A great win and some lovely attacking by both. Thanks

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