We need to talk about Magnus….

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  1. 'he plays c6. Magnus is still not thinking' xD love your channel, mate

  2. magnus never fails to put levy in his videos

  3. I'd really like to see more of this type of calm videos. It seems like Levy was more himself and I really enjoyed him talking calmly

  4. Im not "commital" with my pawns too. Let alone my pawns but all of dem pieces as well. Suddenly i feel like Magnus 😂😅

  5. Thanks Levy. Yeah some of dem biblical events. Cyant wait brah 🎉

  6. 13:22 “he doubled his pawns but he doubled his pawns “ 😂 like what but ohhh😂

  7. I just can't do the shouting and false drama anymore. But looking at the number of subscribers to this channel, clearly I am in the minority.

  8. Levy makes these videos feel so emotional. What a rollercoaster. What a game.

  9. This Levy is so much better, I actually started watching his vid again

  10. No, Levy, we don't need to talk about Magnus. You talk about Magnus too much already.

  11. You do nothing but talk about him – non stop!!

  12. shouldn't also talk about Ding. He was world champion but I cannot find a single match after that with him analyzed. Does he just study 24/7

  13. Goated chess game with goated chess commentary

  14. mag·ne·sianadjective1. A word used to describe a game, typically chess, when it has a delicate position in which at least one of the players (although it usually refers to all the players), doesn't make many commitments."It was a typical magnesian game."

  15. Please do a world tour! That would be amazing.

  16. Always good reactions with Magnesium games.

  17. chills. crazy. so fucking good. the candidates coverage is ok but this shit is next level, truly like an action movie

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