We need to talk about Magnus….

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  1. Well atleast now we now levy’s kidnapper is the owl from duolingo

  2. Stared straight into my soul in the first second there

  3. Literally the most meaningful thing levy has ever said. "I hope you all find someone who loves you for you are someday." I'm glad he said this. Especially with audience as large as his

  4. Gotta love Magnus going for imbalances like these

  5. mag·ne·sian


    1. A word used to describe a game, typically chess, when it has a delicate position in which at least one of the players (although it usually refers to all the players), doesn't make many commitments.
    "It was a typical magnesian game."

  6. lol what happend to the Magnus profile pic?

  7. Bro really said people flew from Ukraine for his event?

  8. I love how you at 10ish min mark sell yourself as not a terrible person… we don't know that, bish! ,+)

  9. I feel like Magnus is just out there to see how the younger players are playing. Probably remembering everything too😒

  10. Bro whatever you say about those youngsters i remind you that Kasparov was world champion at 22! it will take a long time when this will happen again

  11. you look damn tired and exhausted dude, looks like you aged very quickly, look at your health money isnt everything

  12. That comment about how both players calculated the same sequence and both missed that it didn't work speaks to me just now, since I've had three or four games like this recently.

    Had one where I found this line starting with an attraction sacrifice Qc7xRd8+ threatening to free my pushed pawn on d7. My opponent plays Qe7xd8, but that lost his pawn with Re1xe4, allowing another attraction sacrifice, forking his queen with Re8+ on my next move. Qxe8, dxe8=Q+ and my opponent resigned shortly after. Patted myself on the back for surely two brilliant moves and headed to Game Review…

    … which gave my queen sac a blunder because both of us missed that after Rxe4, he had Qxd7, even though it was guarded by my other rook on d1, because, if I did play Rxd7, I opened myself up to a back rank M2 from his remaining rook on a2… Thanks, Stockfish. Just leave my pride here on the floor once you're done dancing on it.

  13. I was there!! There was a london system game in the guess the elo, and he signed my book!! And I got a picture! We all love Levy 💙

  14. 10 last Levy's videos include 6 about Magnus or Hikaru🤔

  15. Bro sorry im comverting into islam and chess haram so I unsub

  16. biggest let down that magnus sacked the rook and your trademark line was whispered 🙁

  17. Whatever you do don’t ask for directions in London 😂😭

  18. damn bro i just checked ur bio UR 27 YEARS OLD HOLY I THOUGHT U WERE LIKE 40

  19. Been following for like 6 months now and all I want to say is thank you for all the entertainment, free lessons, and congratulate you on your success 🙂

  20. Levy never fails to make chess videos.

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