EPIC Queen Sacrifice By Alireza Firouzja

EPIC Queen Sacrifice By Alireza Firouzja in the FIDE Grand Swiss 2021!

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  1. Always on the lookout for your Alireza games.

  2. Damn having a username thanks snap feminism is crazy💀💀💀

  3. Interesting shoes. I need to see Reza bring his fashion to chess events.

  4. Always fun to throw some alireza matches in the mix

  5. the yeezys oh my 🤣🤣 and with the striped socks 😭

  6. welcome back to youtube mate! how's the family?

  7. Bad luck against S Africa. Tough game. Better luck on Friday

  8. Incredible, missed this one/can't remember. What a beautiful game, thank you!

  9. brilliant attacking play by Alireza, so glad he is concetrating on chess and not fashion. Thanks.

  10. Epic Chess is getting into click bait. It s an old game, already covered, man knows that yet call it like Firouzja is back with q new game. Shamd on Epic Chess.

  11. You are making great videos. I like evaluation bar and commentator reactions. And your own comments are always on target. I hope to see more content from you. Good luck.

    I unsubscribed form agadmator because I was tired of watching Indian guys playing average games. For some reason agadmator over-exaggerates the value of these games while he doesn't even bother to make good analyze of these games.

  12. I'm disappointed that Alireza is not focusing on his fashion. We all know that fashion favours the brave.

  13. Saw it wasn’t a Carlsen game, passed it up a few times before clicking.

    Can’t help being a Carlsen fanboy, but I’m also a fan of your channel, so I decided to support it. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  14. Great game and analysis and the worst shoes I've ever seen.

  15. Why does your channel have so much advertising. The break in adds are particularly bad, and because of how annoying they are, you have now lost one small viewer.

  16. Alireza is one of the most creative players at the top right now. I want to see him play Kasparov in an exhibition game.

  17. This game is dating from the Riga's Grand Suisse…2 years ago!!…right?

  18. Another banger from the epic cheese man of chess

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