I Made Pokémon Chess

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This is how I learnt to win at Chess by combining it with Pokémon

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Edited by:
Me (Little Z)

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  1. Also you can't double kill in chess

  2. You want to learn chess tell a chess player you want to learn chess.

  3. man made a hole ass new game just to say he can win in "chess" respect

  4. hey it's me john chess, inventor of chess and are you tired of suking at chess, introdusing aim chess, it's aimbot for chess

  5. Clefable and gengar wanted to be friends, so they found 1000 pikmin out of anger

  6. With this Pokemon chess game the rules include types. It looks like one thing they didn't include in the rules was level which was in the Pokemon games.

  7. Bro I thought he said lopuuny is my ** not pawn

  8. my chess online rating is 1500+ i can confirm that at first chess is very hard

  9. of course you're bottom 2 % you don't wash your rice

  10. I would play this but none of my friends play Pokémon

  11. Ice attacks are not non-efective againts fighting pokemons😡😡

  12. Clowns are not supossed to be smart. Dont feel sad.

  13. The pro chess player braking his brain over here

  14. Where did you get those Pokémon figures

  15. As a Pokémon fan, I’d love to play a version of this where both sides either have both their primary and secondary typing, or are chosen as Pokémon that only had one typing to begin with to keep things simple.

  16. this video brought back memories of pokemon duel, rip

  17. 7:14 Anyone else talking about how Seel isn’t actually an ice type and is pure water? It only gains ice when it evolves.

    And can we also talk about how that “Charmander” is a “Charmeleon”?
    I’m a Pokémon fan I am contractually obligated to point these out

  18. ice type is both the best and worst type advantage wise, since it hits alot for super effective and neutral for many other types, but gets hit just as hard back

  19. I see what you did there with the Lopunny XD

  20. after being rejected by super smash bros, i'm more than happy to join pokemon chess, thanks for "inviting" me! 😀

  21. Bro took his ice type with grass and didn’t kill his gogoat

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