Father Wants REVENGE After I Beat His Daughter In Chess…

This was played at the London Knight Club – check them out if you’re in London!!

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  1. anna's smile and friendliness is so contagious ❤❤❤

  2. I enjoyed this tournament very much.

  3. Anna, dont forget to take care of urself…

  4. You were unnecessarily mean to the Italian guy

  5. Great series. Very enjoyable. Perhaps enter one of these tournaments in future with your mum? 😊

  6. Great stuff! More videos like this please! Great content! 🔥👏🏻👏🏻

  7. 11:33 I play The Pirc and similar styles with black a lot. Usually the computer says putting the king in the corner is safest, even though it looks silly. It prevents harsh pins.

  8. I'm rooting for the italian guy, he wants to win her

  9. You know what? Anna has been saying "shaked" hands and being an EFL speaker it initially hit my mind oddly at first, of course. HOWEVER, it actually makes sense to say shaked, when you think about it. Let's explore the other words we say in their different relative forms:

    Cake – caked (not cook)
    Bake – baked (not book)
    Brake – braked (not brook)
    Stake – staked (not stook)
    Rake – raked (not rook)
    Fake – faked (not fook)
    Flake – flaked (not flook)

    Now let's look at some alternatives:

    Make – made (not mook)
    Take – took (so this one matches)
    Can you think of any others?

    And similar words that would follow the same form structure (I'm not going to detail them all):
    and so on…

  10. I beat my friend at chess last months and he hasn’t talked to me since

  11. You are a wonderful lady a true pleasure to watch . 4th place or not keep up the positive philosophy you have relative to not only chess but life. Congratulations I’m definitely a fan 🎉🎉🎉

  12. 8:50: "stop drinking beer – look at the board!" That tone tells me to predict that she will lose this game.

  13. I think everyone plays slower when they are losing. I would review this game more importantly than the speed because that was a bad position to be in.

  14. Congratulations to Igor and to you and Maya and her dad, and all the other contestants. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. I should have known the outcome before the game started. Anna, I know it must be difficult on you knowing that your enemy almost every game is the clock. I would rather watch you learn time management in your games than actually watch you play any more timed games. It is painful to watch you make the same mistakes over and you not make vital improvements in the weakest element of your game. It’s not your strategy or skill level that defeats you, it’s your indecisiveness. You don’t get beat by your opponents, you lose to them by giving the game away, basically forfeiting the game. Maybe your next game strategy can be the 5 minute ending instead of the Cow opening. In the 5 Minute Ending the strategy is to “win” by forcing your opponent to run out of time and therefore lose the game. If I had to play you I know that is the strategy I would use! A win is a win! Seriously though, I am a huge fan and enjoy watching you play. You are better than most of all of your opponents, know that! However, they know your weakness the clock! Turn the clock into your advantage and you will dominate for a long long time!

  16. Anna explains chess in a way that I can understand ❤✨

  17. If you play without fear you will be faster and mistakes will push you to be better by way of experience.

  18. From the point where she talks about wanting to push to a6 I was thinking "man, I wanna trade my bishop for that knight in this game!" But I figured I was being too aggressive and there's no way she'll do that…. And then she did and I felt like a genius for seeing it. 😂 But it really breaks things up the pawns for white and that tends to be really dangerous! Anyway, now I'll finish watching and see how the rest of the game goes down.

  19. That's a lot of beer, Anna! It will dull your senses.

  20. The italian guy was flirting no doubt about it

  21. So first place geta wine and the signed thing. Does that mean 2nd to 4th goes home with nothing?

  22. Never had a bigger crush then on her lol

  23. That was a very entertaining tournament! Your content is always nice.. thanks for posting for us to enjoy 😊

  24. Please don’t resort to click bait. He clearly wasn’t angry. I’ve seen this in other thumbnail photos of yours, but this is the most deceptive yet. You can do better.

  25. Thanks Anna! I think from the positions you reached you should have won this tournament. However it's true that playing faster could raise your chances even more!

    And one more thing: Don't think too much about winning just play the positions!

    When I played our traditional Blitz tournament (around the 6th of December) I always wanted to win it! When I finally won this tournament once (and the only time) i thought that I'd finish second if I drew the last game (which I did). But it turned out that it was sufficient for winning the tournament! What a pleasant surprise! It would have been even harder had I known that a draw would have secured me the victory in this tournament! That's highly psychological – the pressure under that you'll put yourself! Failure will be programmed in most of those cases!

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