GM Levy!!

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  1. Not "Joo Yi" it's Xu Yi — the X is pronounced as shh, the u pronounced like the French pronounciation of the letter u

  2. I really wanna see levy becoming a gm, I think after all this way he went trough, he deserves it for sure.. even the thought of levy becoming a gm makes me happy even tho it does not change my life in any way, I still would be happy

  3. We need to get this man to analyze the chess game in classroom of the elite ASAP

  4. Be like Lia Thomas. Moving up in rank in men's chess is rather difficult. To make it easy, identify yourself as a woman and play against real women and destroy them one by one. The way I see it, that's perhaps the only chance for you to achieve the rank of a GM.

  5. I bought your book? Will you sign it, please?

  6. I can see the fire in Gotham's eyes. He wants that title. Ne NEEDS that title.


    But can he handle the truth?

  7. You should do a video covering the chess game played on Young Sheldon S4 EP 14, im not sure if it was based on any professional game or not, but if it is that would be pretty cool

  8. Better Help is a scam.
    There are many videos about it on YT if you are interested…. which I doubt you are since they are just sponsors.

  9. Do more videos like the mikhail tal one(s) (historical chess greats)

    Ps you are brilliant!!

  10. why if you have arating over 2500 are you not a gm?

  11. finally he’s trying again to be GM hoping he actually becomes one soon

  12. Highest two possible titles are Grandmaster and WomanGrandmaster, but that difference is also just one letter

  13. He’s clickbaiting the title again🙄🙄😂😂😂

  14. Levy advertising and talking about betterhelp right after talking about not being a gm 💀

  15. Levy, u need to learn how to hang mate in one! As a 800 elo, I hang mate in one so subtle my opponents don't even see it! 🤣

  16. @GothamChess , you have been playing for so long can you do a video of what you think is preventing you from hitting GM status, have you hit a wall, is it your way of thinking. what separates players like Carlson and Hikaru from yourself, is it the psychology behind playing. and what steps would it take for you to get there.

  17. At this point, I won't even believe it even if Levy does become a grandmaster

  18. My favourite part of the video was the "yet". It hyped me up.

  19. Growth mindset at the end there…..yet! You'll get there, Levy!

  20. Levy, You've always be the GM in my heart. and a rad teacher.

  21. We won't even know when it happens because we will think its a clickbait, the title is gonna be like I DID IT

  22. Sir u will become a GM, ur an amazing player

  23. I swear to God if you say never fail on one more video you are pathetic. You cant think of anything new so you have the nerve to steal it from the original guy 3 years ago and repeat it literally hundreds of times on the same video and every video. Its old af already. Same with the stare comments or click bait comments

  24. Hikaru was right about why he think it's hard for Levy to become GM. Die fighting like a man Levy, what are you so scared of? You are already an IM. You have everything to gain by taking risks in your games, you have nothing to lose. Act like predator, and not a prey. Shake it off buddy, we believe in you. Look at the GMs in the eyes and tell them you are not afraid. You have it in you to be one. Just go for it, and keep fighting. Stop being nervous of what you want to be.

  25. Levy will best Magnus and become a GM in the same game. Mark my words. We believe in you Gotham.

  26. Thanks for sharing Levy. In 3 min chess anything can happen, I have confidence you can make it to GM in classical

  27. Levy just needs to get Tyler1 to coach him on how to have nerves of steel.

  28. its crazy how an "advantage" of gms is 0.5 and an "advantage" in my games it m2 going back and forth

  29. Levi, you have to go with your instincts at this level…. you think too much…. and your not alone in this…. so does John Bartholomew.
    You are both tremendous teachers of chess….I just wish you'd play more instinctual at this level… less head, more speed.

    I really hope you both get there one day…. you deserts it!

  30. Still manages to put Magnus there 💁‍♂️

  31. I called it. I 100% called it. said a month ago, “in less than 30 days levy will title a video GM LEVY!!!!!!!!!! Or something to that effect”

  32. Levy never fails to put magnus in his thumbnail even tho he is not in the video

  33. Then don't get nervous… just play blindfold…

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