FIDE Candidates 2024 Rd 8 | Hikaru v Fabiano & Vidit v Gukesh! 4-Way Challenge Begins To Topple Ian

The FIDE Candidates is the biggest classical chess tournament of the year! Hikaru, Pragg, Caruana, Nepo, and more will fight in a double round-robin for the right to challenge Ding Liren in the 2024 World Chess Championship, and for their share of the €500,000 prize fund.

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🔴 Women’s Candidates Coverage:

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  1. So sad for fabi 🙁
    I love Hikaru but he doesn't deserve the candidates spot over fabi

  2. Come on! Anish is fine but why use these other mediocre GMs for commentary when you have top level people available?

  3. Really need some veterans in the commentary, like Peter, Judith, Anish. They are much more comfortable doing their own analysis and not relying on the engine for everything. These youngsters add good energy, but cannot carry the commentary on their own.

  4. Kudos to Abasov for tackling Nepo to draw.

  5. Vidit and gukesh game was obviously prearranged for gukesh to win

  6. Comment of the day by Danny Rensch. "I'm just an accidental chess businessman." 🤣🤣 Gotta love the man.


  8. Good to have Anish pop in.. more of the ceo!

  9. Anish as usual saying gukesh will not top the leader board due to momentum and Gukesh as usually proving anish is wrong😂

  10. Anish commentary makes the games very interesting, positionally educating & what going on inside the head of the players as he is top contender himself. Hope to see more of him! Please.

  11. Sorry not a fan of Anish's commentary. I take back my previous comment that higher rated commentators improve the quality of the coverage. Anish seems to have some sort of a disregard for "taking the audience with you". He keeps talking to himself and the other commentators without indulging the audience. Also, missed Peter Leko badly, he should be a mandatory member in every team.

  12. 9th candidate was brilliant above expectation.

  13. Why would they focus so much on a game that already was over. talking about gentlemanly way to resign on that board instead of the super sharp position between fabi and hikaru. Really annoying coverage.

  14. “Don’t worry we won’t miss a moment of the Nakamura game… except almost all the crucial ones at the end.”

  15. How do yall explain the Gukesh mate, then commentate over the same thing you just explained, while missing Naka's win? You had ONE job!

  16. Damn i can't imagine gukesh winning the candidates. But surely a top contender

  17. i was expecting Ian to beat Abasov for some obvious reasons. let alone Nepo has white pieces

  18. Wtf is Anish doing here??? You wanna kill audiences before even game starts. Just talks too much and biased doesn't respect players. Please if you read this do not put him again on comment section.

  19. Gukesh has the will of D in his name..🔥

  20. Looking at Gukesh play so good at such a young age make me believe that because of Nodirbek, Arjun, Keymer and Pragg future of chess is in safe hands ❤

  21. Huge victory for Abasov regardless of result. Holding his own AS BLACK in so many positions as the lowest rated player in the tournament. Massive W, don't even care.

  22. lol fabi makes a huge blunder and the camera cuts to vidit and gukesh

  23. awful coverage not paying attention to the hikaru fabi game to see a game that's completely over

  24. Gukesh is only 17. Can't imagine how good he will be at age 22 onwards when he will have serious experience under his belt.

  25. Hikaru played rope-a-dope most of his game, with boring, timid passive moves. Fabiano froze and then Bam!

  26. 3:54:00 Yet another technical screwup by the post-merger production team. How do they keep managing to do this at exactly the critical moments in the tourney?….. Nevermind, just show the clear angle on the live board… (what, they never bothered to set those up?!!?….)

  27. Who was the fkn idiot at youtube who keeps dumping the (insipid) live chat which I don't want and never asked for into the video display area (when moving full-screen to theater)? I wouldn't be in these modes if I wanted a teeny-tiny display… Idiots… (This is what's known nowadays as an 'upgrade').

  28. Please invite Peter Leko back to provide excellent coverage of chess.

  29. So Nepo draws to the patzer of the group? Just kidding. Could Abasov be a spoiler in this tourney ?

  30. fabi trying hard to defeat the speedster

  31. please bring back Peter Leko for a quality chess coverage

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