Andrew Tate explains how chess will improve your life

Andrew Tate learned chess at a young age from his father, the late Master Emory Tate. In this interview he explains how learning the game helped shaped his view on life for the better.


  1. And who is the player that moves the pieces ?

  2. I muted the video to avoid brain damage from hearing this memetic hazard.

  3. At the end of the day the king and pawns go in the same box
    -Halo forward unto dawn

  4. This is insightful prose. I read a book with related ideas that was utterly revelatory. "Game Theory and the Pursuit of Algorithmic Fairness" by Jack Frostwell

  5. Now it’s very obvious that he is related to the botez sisters

  6. Frick that im just gonna play the fried liver

  7. I always thought of life like this..
    I am actually a pawn.. I have to be loyal to the king and work hard and make the right moves.. in my life there will be the queen the rook the bishop..all good acquaintances thatll help me in my journey to ultimately become a "queen" piece myself. To become the most powerful chess piece , not the most important.


  8. as a muslim a can have 4 queens nobody can beat me in chess

  9. And sometimes you have … SACRIFICE THE QUEEN !!!

  10. I prefer the view that the "king" is not the ruler, but the representation of the future generations of the society.

  11. A pawn can always promote tho, don’t just treat pawns like they’re only a paycheck, they can become a queen or knight for you with enough time and dedication.

  12. He also forgot to mention that if a pawn makes it across the board, it becomes a queen. So if you play your cards right, you can have an additional girlfriend or concubine 😉

  13. Sometimes you have to sack the queen to promote a pawn to a queen

  14. Blud isn't even a master
    And he still brings his dead dad saying hes a grandmaster

  15. You know somehow this actually makes sense

  16. And sometimes you just get another queen because fuck the other one

  17. The final position is from the opera house morphy game. Morphy ends up sacking on B5, castling the queen side, then sacking the queen for the checkmate.

  18. This is the worst explaination
    If you are the king and your wife is the queen, then you are the worst piece of all the pieces. Some people will say, that the king is the most valuable piece, but the king actually gets useful in the end game, and not in early or middle game.

  19. Fun fact Tate is accualy good AT chess even that board Herr Looks goofy

  20. 😂 now Andrew tate sacrifice his hair

  21. living proof that playing good chess does not mean being intelligent

  22. So do the pawns just suddenly have identity Existential crisis when they make it to the other side of the board and possibly turn Trans does this mean Andrew Tate Coming out the closet🙀

  23. Chess is fun, and if you think about it, chess is like a lot of things in life

  24. and another life lesson is you can make your little worker (pawn) into a queens and you can have a harem of queens!

  25. What if i choose another king? Jancel tate lgtv,free palpatine

  26. Have a look at my chess channel…
    Its the best chess channel

  27. MF Tate. This game is invented by Indians/Hindus.
    Better you should learn some manners.

  28. Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate are the savior of this generation. If dont exist in this generation then there might be huge problem.

  29. disagree pawns are some of the most important pieces, they remain with the king in the endgame truly loyal

  30. Repent and turn to the lord Jesus Christ and you will have eternal life ✝️🙏

  31. Imagine if you have four beautiful queens, you'll never lose!

  32. Look at the woman trying desperately to make a cameo in the background here. Pay attention men, this is true value.

  33. Queen should obey the king…tells a lot about his brain

  34. Yeah he is right but also remember that you win in chess depending on how good you are with the pieces so if you are shit the pieces are also shitty as well be a better person

  35. Lyrics
    Chess teaches you everything you need to know about life
    Youre the king you got all the peices around you
    You have a queen the most important queen thats the woman you choose in your life if you choose a shit woman youre gonna have a shit life
    So you need to have a good queen the queen needs to be in a good place and she needs to obey the king you got your brothers you got your boys your knights and bishops and rooks those are the people who you really care about and the strongest pieces on your board if theyre all shit once again youre gonna have a shit life then you got pawns pawns are the people who work for you or work with you or people who arent particulary loyal to you but theyre loyal to a paycheck that youre providing you got to put the everyone in the right placeand you gotta win the game

  36. The queen : strongest piece on chess
    Andrew tate : the queen has to obey the king
    Like where did u pull that? from ur ass?

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