FIDE World Championship | How Will Ding Respond After A NAIL-BITING Loss? | Ding vs. Nepomniachtchi

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi faces world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. Clearly ding is outplaying Ian …in this match all areas calculation , opening ideas , different openings and holding the worst position ….but ..if ding had increment per move then clearly Ian will not win ..

  2. Since the commentators were unable to answer the chat's important question about favourite Nicki Minaj songs, I guess it is up to us to pick up the slack. Personally I think her verse on Kanye's "Monster" was really great.

    Edit: They went on to answer it anyway, moments after seeming to decline the topic. I stand by my contribution to this highly relevant discussion nonetheless!

  3. You actually have a side life if you watch chess. Like who the hell plays such a boring game. Get some exercise ☠️

  4. At 2:56 Robert notes, evaluation equal but aesthetically, white looks better – agreed!

  5. Ding cracks under pressure,
    Nepo has zero good moves, zero talent.

    shit level of chess

  6. “To improve your game, learn the endgame before anything else. Because the endgame can be learned and mastered on its own, the middle and opening games have to be learned in relation to the endgame.” _ Jose Raul Capablanca

  7. This feels more like a World Candidates Championship rather than a World Chess Championship.

  8. Great game by both players. I think Ding will be pretty upset at himself for missing the win, but it was actually really impressive how he managed to regain composure and not lose that game.

  9. At critical moment in the game..
    Anish Giri: "The passed pawn is never gonna reach d8.."
    Me: What????

  10. Chess is suppose to have been invented in India yet there is not a single indian guy competing in this tournament.

  11. Absolutely fascinating. Chess is the greatest strategy game…

  12. Ian might be a very very good chess player, but seems to be a bit of an asshole outside of the board!

  13. I thought I was a procrastinator… Ding gives me a heart attack with his time controls

  14. did they find out about the prep leak during the game?

  15. I have an idea to de-fuse the tension of WC match. In regular tournaments, players get up and walk around to watch other players' games. This helps to relax them. Why don't we have another match along with the main match? For example, what if we had both men and women's championship at the same time? This would help the players to relax!

  16. Isn’t Fabi supposed to be part of commentary team as well? Why is he not joining?

  17. Such a terrible Russian translator, you guys couldn’t afford to find someone a little more competent for the world chess championship?

  18. I feel like Dings issue is that he's looking for the best move in every position rather then just looking for a move that keeps him in a winning position

  19. Ian was Brilliant in this game.
    Queen h4 bluff 3:41:00 and knight sacrifice on f2 4:01:50 are just astonishing brilliant moves. Hopefully Ding can recover psychologically from that

  20. The interviewer at the end seems so rude to djng

  21. Notice how Ian blundered the moment Anish said "my anaconda".

  22. Getting a draw as white may take a toll on Ding's mentality moving forward to the next matches.

  23. I am sure it's still far from over
    I can see a ding victory coming in the later days.

  24. 2:09 he tinks up a line wile talking about something else ok I am ELO800, they are amazing players.

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