Filipino Master Sacs Queen On 12th Move vs. Wild Wing Gambit! GrandPAmaster Alan vs Tazz Man

What is GrandPAmaster Alan doing in this crazy Wing Gambit by Tazz Man???
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  1. Go Alan!! I know he like ur style great come back Alan never give up what a come back

  2. "Do you like my style?" defeats "queening pawn!" after numerous ups and downs! I guess you could say: "the hardest game to win is the won game" – to coin a phrase!

  3. I like Allen that other guy talks to much super annoying

  4. I've never seen such a bad player omg the dumbest moves with a queen up lol that was terrible

  5. I love seeing this stupid pawn pusher get crushed.

  6. It's crazy how little impact it takes to one's concentration (even as banal as friendly chatting) for our skill level to get yanked out from underneath us. This was a complete trainwreck. Stunning. Yet valuably informative/educational. It's important to show games like this just to remind us all how tenuous our grip really is when it comes to the demands of the game.

  7. is it bad etiquette to touch/rearrange your opponent's pieces ?

  8. You WILL like his style. Alan the Taz destroyer.

  9. Most dangerous games is when a queen is lost early

  10. Great comeback win by Alan 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  11. Excellent counter-blunderascious by both.😅

  12. Those games where I win when I lose my queen early in the game are the best…

  13. Διόρθωση: μετά λευκα

  14. Εσύ με τα μαύρα είσαι τρομπας

  15. "Good players are nothing" nice come back from the G himself well played

  16. How the utter fuck do you lose that game? 😂😂😂

  17. May i know where this place is? I want to visit and play here oneday. Thanks

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