The Magnus Carlsen Gambit

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  1. This is how to play chess in the wrong way but still win😂😂😂

  2. lesson learned : never try to stop the sensei

  3. We all know that Magnus is so good the he only plays chess to make some random disrespecting moves and still comes out on top

  4. The 'I don't know where every piece stands' gambit

  5. I am gonna try that little gambit in my 800elo games😂

  6. Levy knows more than me about chess and sports who wouldve guessed

  7. Magnus could sacrifice his king and still win…😳

  8. When Magnus pulled off that last King ShufflIe heard the GTA San Andreas mission passed + respect music in my head

  9. Best commentary on chess, Levy somehow manage to make chess sound exciting j

  10. I guess he understands zero sums game & game theory perfectly where what reaction causing what…

  11. Random innocent person: wanna play chess?
    Magnus: die

  12. Lol I swear chess is just for fun for him 😂

  13. This is disrespect!

    Seriously! I felt offended!

  14. This is the equivalent of John wick only using a pencil against sas operators

  15. How to disrespect opponents on another level.

  16. Yea any game you play againdt magnus carlson, you already know that he is going to troll you for as long as he can before he wants to win. Hes playing with his opponents.

  17. Once I watch the match of Magnus, he shift his king with queen by his king. Almost taking 8 moves… Literally exposed his king at the start…

  18. anoymus GM: i used the white pieces, now arleast his really gonna play this match
    Magnus the GOAT: and that's where your wrong

  19. 7:18 what is that sweetzen what ever ..😂 Bro making up words or something…😂 7:19

  20. I would call it "Palace" the Queen variation of "Castle"

  21. 15:00 lol if a mere mortal was to try that sequence of moves and take the king for a stroll around 2 pawn they will get laughed and ridiculed out of the game

  22. bong cloud wasn't enough for this man.

  23. Rearranging the queen and king 😂like… 😎 I be like 🤬

  24. He should be like don't care about the chess♟️opening

  25. 3:03 Instead of Bishop e7, the perfect symmetry would be Bishop c5.

  26. The Magnus Carlson gambit is the chess equivalent to the fight scene in the princess bride. Guess what? I’m not left handed either. And proceeds to win.

  27. Now let’s see Magnus with Adderall vs Stockfish

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