Frank Unlocks A New Level To His Chess Game

Franks_is_heres has done it again! After bouncing back from a loss in the group stage, Franks unleashes a new level of chess that confuses and astounds Gothamchess and Anna Cramling.

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  1. I knew Frank was the goat, I have a clip in my chat showing that too

  2. i love how in the last game he was like screw my preparation i'll just invent an opening against the ruy lopez

  3. i absolute love the reactions frank has to his wins

  4. There's a whole series in here somewhere.
    Frank being run for his money….(real thing by the way…look it up)

  5. Why does it say in the video description that the game is chess, and it is from 2020? Either way, good win, frank!

  6. I like anna cramling commentating on pogchamps. I prefer more her personality.

  7. Anna being charmed and yet confused by frank is very funny

  8. All hail the new master of chess GM Frank.

  9. If I had a dollar every time Frank the tank says "I go there…" I'll be able to afford premium membership for the rest of my life probably

  10. "GIMME THAT QUEEN"Kings in the 17th century when they see a 9 year old peasant girl

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