Magnus Carlsen Is Done With Chess

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  1. Nobody going to mention that absurd engine line tactic by Salimova that Levy thought anyone would fine. Dont even think GMs would find it honestly

  2. I felt the attempt at a guilt trip coming in the opening of tbe video … 😁
    I don't hate women but I follow your recaps to watch elite chess being played not sub-par players blundering it out.
    Non of the WGM break 2700… solid pass.
    Judit 🙌

  3. Methinks Magnus is suffering from burnout. A few months off to recharge may be in order. 🙂

  4. I’m totally not a misogynist! Watched the entirety!!!

  5. Please make longer recaps I wanna see more high quality chess

  6. The Gods of chess nominated him to play. That's why he does it. He has a duty to play and he knows it.

  7. Ivanchuk refused to play Classical Chess with Magnus and played Blitz!

  8. To Pronounce Ferenc Berkes' name its the following: How you did Berkes the second time its good (So the "S" at the end is like the "sh" in fish not like how you say chess), and Ferenc is like how you said the first time kinda, C is not like the C in "cent"

  9. Ivancuk was one of the top players in the 90s, but already back then he has been notorious for his weird behaviour. Seems like he is still the same.

  10. Levy is getting to a funny point where he naturally uses Magnus to promote his videos, and is confused that people are watching more than the Magnus games. The people like you and your content, and are even starting to care about other chess players they see on the channel. It's beautiful really

  11. The way Ivanchuk played both games make him a winner and a boss in my eyes.

  12. I watched the whole video.. Because the content is good!

  13. Did he mention Magnus was afford a draw but declined it?

  14. 24:13 i was about to close the vid, but okay levy imma continue watching.

  15. Why Firouzja not playing ?
    in my opinion he is the best

  16. If Gukesh beats Magnus, an Indian will qualify for the candidates since 2 of the final 4 will be Indian. (Gukesh and Pragg/Arjun)

  17. i mean if you watch magnus stream he only plays blitz, tbh not that surprising

  18. Imagine being the best at something but you hate it

  19. Men make sure to click off when the women play 🙏👌

  20. Why wouldn't Ivanchuk trade the bishop for the knight and then grab the free pawn in the opening after damaging Magnus' pawn structure? Isn't that the first objective in the Ruy Lopez?

  21. Pro tipp to safe time, watch gotham videos in 1.25 speed, you can under everything perfectly fine.

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