GENIUS 200 Elo Chess

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  1. The remarkable thing is that they know how the pieces move. Imagine if monkeys could do that. You would say they are genius.

  2. in fact , if you want to beat magnus you need to be a genius. thats all

  3. Honestly if that was me I would've gone for the third queen promotion ladder, just for the lolz

  4. Managing to find stalemate is actually more impressive than finding a checkmate there

  5. The fact that the last move almost was checkmate, and it landed on the only square on the entire file that would lead to stalemate, is just fascinating. Brilliant display of how serious of a business is 200 ELO chess.

  6. I'm 200 Elo but I'm much better than this level I guess the white player is just being dumb because I would've managed to see all the good moves he could've done…

  7. Bro choosing Stalemate instead of Checkmate😂

  8. Yt goes insane… 4 minutes in and 6 Ads…

  9. Bro could play Qd8 checkmate. in the last MOVEE

  10. how is this stalemate ? couldnt white move the pawn ?

  11. Really funny!! I always laugh and learn 👍

  12. I love watching my level of chess i paid a very similar game as my second game ever. i did not even know what a stalemate was but the other guy had 3 queens and it got a stalemate it was amazing

  13. Historical remark about Alyokhin (regardless of his defence 🙂 )
    In fact his name was Alexandr Alekhin (Алехин in Russian), he had a noble heritage, and his surname derives from ancient Russian word "alekha" meaning "stranger" or "skilled one". But due to Russian spelling rules letter Ё (yo) can be written as Е (ye), so many of his contemporaries while reading his surname thought that he was not Алехин (Alekhin), but Алёхин (Alyokhin). Just because word "alekha" isn't well-known, but everyone knew word "Alyokha" (colloquial variant of Russian name Alexey), So they by mistake derived his surname from Alyokha, not alekha. Ironically, the Great Soviet Encyclopedy has an article about this chessmaster named "Alyokhin Alexandr", which stated that "Alyokhin" was a misspelling

  14. adam was so majestic that he (almost) beat his opponent with 0:00 time in their clock for like 20 moves

  15. watching this hurts, Why am I doing this?

  16. Adam. You dirty dog. You missed queen g4 like an absolute legend.

  17. like how theres a name for the first knight move but then bishop is just "200 elo gambit"

  18. These videos almost make me want to take up chess again…
    Many moons ago I found myself in a school chess club with an International master, TWO national masters, and a county champion. Let's just say the few games I could bare to play were embarrassing slaughters regardless of how many queens my opponents gave me!
    Without any reference to the contrary I got the message loud and clear that I was the worst chess player in the world – but maybe not!

  19. "i don't understand this level of chess cause they're too strong" literally me

  20. I swear i was shouting "TAKE THE ROOK WITH YOUR ROOK"

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