How To EMBARRASS Chess Cheaters

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The sequel to my original video, Chess Cheaters Get Exposed. Seems like there are a lot of people across ratings cheating right now and I will hunt them all down one by one, bringing peace to Gotham.

0:00 Intro
5:35 GAME 1 vs THEM
11:40 GAME 2

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  1. Of course he's cheating, he's dominican 😂😂

    Btw I'm dominican, puertorican

  2. Seems like even when they dont play engine moves he says still cheating and of course while seeing the moves himself and hes not even a GM.

  3. Dude if you are professional player you got a know if you start to count 100-1 backward again & again you are good enough to count backwards just as a you count straight way .
    And also longest you are YouTuber better not judge anyone with any circumstance there’s people who’s way smarter then as a normal human mind can think off.
    While am saying this I don’t mean there’s no cheater out there .
    But we got a change the way to expose them
    I don’t think so this is the best way to expose if he or she cheated

  4. accuses on cheating and fast moves…makes 6 moves in 4 secs.

  5. BS…if cheating than cheating, if not than not. there is no such thing as cheating a bit.

  6. That first guy looks like he works for a drug cartel why would he play chess honestly?

  7. Why do so many people stream in the morning when the hours are flexible as to when they can stream? My attitude would be is it dark yet? ok time to stream 😊

  8. Oh and seriously, I'm impressed how confident and very decent player, you are particularly against these icy robots. Ok you do blunder a bit. But… On speed chess it's very hard to reach a level when you don't fear much these robots. Not that you can beat them, but you know they can't crush you completely… Already that's heroic to me O_o

  9. You know something you forgot…
    When a player reach 93+ accuracy against a player higher rated, then the same will NEVER play with the same tension and pressure against a player low level. Against a low level you don't use the best lines you know, in particular you'll take the risk to lose some edge on the opening in exchange of a good chance to have a short game and a short short elo gain. This is optimisation. You know you can beat the man if he doesn't fall in the traps of a vicious opening, because at his level he cannot beat you when he is a pawn or two above you. You'll have to battle a little more carefuly to beat him for sure… But it's rare and the time you loose on such unfortunate days, is nothing compared to the time you gain on players who fall in your traps. And that will make you decrease your accuracy A LOT on the beginning of every game against a poor player, and same in the game (except in case he didn't fall forcing you to consider him with more respect). I know NO player who doesn't apply this because no one want to make all games as hard as the match against his dangerous ennemies that risk to beat him and can make more elo if you win.

  10. I use a fake account where i cheat on, yes that sounds dumb. I do realise that, but i always resign before i checkmate or draw. I have never won a single game on that account, i use it to figure out the game and figure out some good ideas that the computer can find. Once again i have never won a single game on my cheating account.

  11. Why didn’t you say anything when anand got wiped by the 400 elo Indian cheater LIVE and I think you were one of the casters or maybe not ) hopefully you were not casting that game xD

  12. Also , just to say, I would pay to play three games with you but that ain't happening because I already know the outcome. I also have been playing something like the Hippo and getting my but handed to me.

  13. That was simply spectacular, magnificent, utterly marvelous, a brilliant tour de force. Do you think I loved this? Yes, yes, yes. F-ing A I loved it but I was also deeply infatuated with all the others videos. Sadly I do not have a twitch account.

  14. What kind of person would spend so much of their life just copying moves from an engine? What's the point?

  15. I once had the opposite, running a computer account clearly marked as such, and after the game the guy who lost started accusing me of cheating. And I was like, yeah sure, I’m a super GM just pretending to be a computer…

  16. Yup yup… I think u might be the first man to have ever let a cyborg just plop its nuts on your head.

  17. That's exactly like me: a strong player who cheats. I play a lot of moves by myself; and for the rest I am '"inspired" by my engine.

  18. What happened at 8:16 ??? Do I miss something or he captured his own figure…???

  19. I'm sorry I don't believe Levy's view count and subscription count. Chesscom is probably paying YouTube to inflate his numbers.

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