GM Hikaru Doesn’t Know He’s Playing 2500 FM! GM Hikaru vs FM Dan The Clutch Man

New 2500 FM is gonna give GM Hikaru some trouble!
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  1. Cam someone tell me a real name or fide id of dan

  2. 2500 "online" rating is like 2200-2300 FIDE rating

  3. This is beautiful mind stuff, just impossible for me to wrap my mind around it. You have to have photographic memory, right? To operate at that speed and play strategy

  4. 'But not good enough"…… Which tosser said that?

  5. So wild that he had only ONE MINUTE and played like he was unphased

  6. I don’t need a commercial for his channel. 😅

  7. This tells me how Cagnus Marlsen is in a whole lot different level

  8. When a super GM ask your ratings, you know you made it.

  9. Interesting! yeah…even a great player is going to have a hard time against Hikaru…I feel like just getting to play against Hikaru would be an honor…

  10. Meh…i could beat both of these guys, simultaneously, while thinking of my third grade crush and my pet rabbit!
    Don’t let my 1200 ranking fool you! That’s just the system trying to keep me from dominating!

  11. so weird, but it looked like dan the clutch man might have had …Nd7 instead of …Ne8 and how was grand master hikaru supposed to hold on to his b6 pawn (question). i understand that grand master hikaru could have slayed dan the clutch man's g7 pawn, but isn't it just a lousy doubled pawn (question). thanks for the vid.

  12. Apparently he doesn’t know he’s playing Hikaru

  13. My bet hikaru was thinking about the disrespect and loudness of the people not watching lol

  14. Wow. Looked good through the middle game, then late in the middle game the fireworks started.

  15. I'm not very good and the game was moving quickly, but why not attack those pawns with the knight after the queen trade. That's what I would have done, but im not that good so 🤷‍♂️

  16. That last chess tactic was gorgeous for my nooby brain.

  17. I'm just a 1700 ELO and I think I could have done much better than that FM, but just if I was playing here, relaxed in my home, and without knowing it's against Hikaru. Playing against Hikaru in a table and being recorded… Ufff, not instant blundering is crazy.

    Anyway, what I mean is that black's game doesn't look like a 2200 ELO player's game but it isn't rare keeping in mind the situation. That guy is a much better player than what he showed. No doubts. Maximun respect for him

  18. I imaging Hikaru thinking "You only have 2500, another easy fish".

  19. Anyone know if these are single weighted pieces?

  20. i cant even process what piece they are moving and they are moving it at that speed that too with a plan all ahead! hats off to these goats!!

  21. Even given the time odds and Hikaru being distracted, that guy did really well putting Hikaru on edge.

  22. 😮my god, hikaru is just way too good, my head hurts just trying to think like to him

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