GM Hikaru Doesn’t Know He’s Playing 2500 FM! GM Hikaru vs FM Dan The Clutch Man

New 2500 FM is gonna give GM Hikaru some trouble!
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  1. I now feel like some sort of weird voyeur into the chess community. I've played with friends over my life, I know the rules and the fact that openings exist but not much else.. and yet the past few years I've consumed so much chess media it's crazy. I treat it like some sort of real life anime: Hikaru, the arrogant yet likeable natural born talent that has suddenly-relatable ups and downs; Magnus, the godlike, nigh-unbeatable, overpowered machine with eidetic memory; Ian Nepomniachtchi. the charismatic and flamboyant swordsman, unpredictable and aggressive, a showman at heart… etc. There's something to the sport

  2. Hikaru moving his pieces before opponent have tapped the clock

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